Recipe of the Day-Caramelized Brussels Sprouts

Caramelized  Brussels Sprouts

(with Green Onions and Cilantro)

2 1/2 Tbsp                      Lime Juice

1 Tbsp                             Honey

1 Tbsp                             Low Sodium Soy

2 Tbsp                            Shallots Minced

1 Tbsp                             Water

2 1/2 tsp                          Fish Sauce

1 Tbsp                              Olive Oil

1.5 Lbs                             Brussels Sprouts Quartered

2 Tbsp                             Unsalted Butter

1 (1 in.)                            Ginger Peeled and minced

1/2 Cup                            Chopped Green Onion

1/4 Cup                            Chopped Cilantro

Combine first seven ingredients in a bowl and mix. Set aside.  Heat oil in a skillet over medium high heat; add sprouts.  Cook until they begin to brown. Stir in butter; cook 4 minutes or until caramelized and crisp-tender.  Add Shallots, ginger, and garlic to pan; cook 1 minute, stir repeatedly. Add lime juice mixture to pan; cook 3 minutes or until syrupy.  Stir in green onions and cilantro.  Serve immediately.  Serves 8.


Recipe of the Day-Egg Free Chocolate Mousse

Egg Free Chocolate Mousse

1 Cup                  Heavy Cream or Non Dairy Whipped topping

8 Oz                    Semisweet Chocolate, meled and cooled

1 Tbs                   Instant Espresso Coffee

2 Tbs                   Amaretto or Coffee Liqueur (Optional) Use Good Vanilla Extract if no liqueur

1 Cup                   Confectioners Sugar

Topping:           Whipped Cream or  Non Dairy Whipped topping, Chocolate Shavings (optional)

On high speed, beat cream until stiff peaks form.  Set aside.  In a small bowl, whisk together melted chocolate, coffee and liqueur until smooth.  Add Sugar; stir until combined.  Pour Chocolate mixture into whipped cream.  Beat lightly until mostly combined, then use rubber spatula to fully blend.  Spoon into small fluted dessert dishes or glasses. If desired top as shown.

Recipe of the Day-Twist on Kugel

My Jewish friends often have Kugel as a Passover meal.  Below is one I think you might enjoy.

Kugel with Vegetables:   Oven 375°   9″X13″Pan      Serves 16

*Finely dice or shred all vegetables

1/2 tsp.                     Kosher Salt and Pepper

3 Tbsp.                      Matzo Meal

3 Eggs                       Beaten

4 Cloves                   Garlic Minced

1 Medium                Onion Chopped

8 Oz.                          Zucchini Diced*

8 Oz.                          Russet Potato, Diced*

8 Oz.                          Sweet Potato Diced*

1 Lg.                           Leek sliced

5 tsp.                          Olive or Coconut Oil (more for pan)

Preheat oven to 375° and spray cooking pan.  In a large skillet at medium heat add 1 Tbsp. oil.  Begin to brown leeks (10-15 min).  Add remaining vegetables salt and pepper, sweat mixture in skillet and then place all diced vegetables on a paper towel and drain dry (important for dry vegetables).  Once vegetable mix is dry combine with eggs, matzo meal, salt/ pepper and remaining 4 Tbsp of oil.  If mixure is wet add a little more Matzo Meal. Spread in greased baking dish and bake 45 Minutes or until brown.  Serves 16


Healthy Divas-Herbs that Help

There is nothing like listening to the grandmothers of the mountains.  They know good stuff.  They know everything from how to cure a colicy infant to how to put a stopper in death.

Today we share a few I’ve heard of late.

Prevent Infections:  Eucalyptus Oil- The oil from this  Australian evergreen potent as a antibacterial and antiviral compound. It can reduce skin irritation and prevent infection. Medical Reports even say it can cut healing time by half.  In fact it destroys drug resistant bacteria even the dangerous staph infections.

Suggestion: Dilute 2 drops if the oil in 1 teaspoon of  unpasturized honey (another wound healer), then dab onto cuts twice daily for three days.

Banish Blisters: Witch Hazel-I use this natural product as a facial astringent.  It is also good for blisters.  Research shows it promotes healing, and eases the tenderness of blistered skin.

Suggestion: Apply with cotton and cover with a bandage.  Leave it for 5-10 minutes twice daily until the blister dries up.


The Queen Cronista




I have missed being here with those who tune in and even those who don’t.  This year has been full of Hurdles for both the Crones.  Physical maladies, weather, technical issues the list goes on and on.  However, I am a firm believer that the Universe provides a positive solution for each Hurdle and set things right back on the course intended if we just keep our Intentions and Attentions focused on the right path.

After a week in the hospital, having some of the most radical drugs available pushed through my veins until they all collapsed, I am back at work.  The sky is blue, my students are wonderful, and healing is just a little more time to be spent on mind over matter.

There is no physical challenge that cannot be overcome by meditation, prayer, and strong intention placed on the perfectly healed body.  That alone puts a smile on ones face and bounce back in you step.  Never, ever give up divas….until it’s time to change dimensions.

Is it just me? Spring Challenges

Well, spring sprung, and sprung back, here in the hills.  I am fighting a bad croneista cold.  However, I figured out the best way to refuse the gifts of a cold is to be happy and ignore it.  I feel it resisting the happiness, but I got up….took my pomegranate juice with raw apple cider vinegar, elderberry extract (a natural antibiotic), 3000 Mg of vitamin C and olive leaf extract and smiled all the way to breakfast at the CB. I keep smiling and pissing off my cold.  I truly belive I’ll keep it at bay.

I was on facetime with my 6 year old great niece last night, who was coming down with the same thing.  She told me it was impacting all of her Barbietown.  She has decided we must do one hour of virtual slumber party each night before she goes to bed.  It’s amazing how good cookies baked in a Barbietown oven taste when handed to you through the virtual screen of an Ipad.  I’m certain the Barbietown cookies, popcorn, and cupcakes she made me and handed me over the Ipad were some of the best medicine I could have taken.  I just took the rest of the herbal “stuff” this morning because she wasn’t awake yet to make me a healing Barbietown Breakfast!

At any rate, I find if I face these “poopie” life challnges with a smile and good humor, I don’t suffer nearly as much.  I highly recommend a virtual sleep over or virtual breakfast with your favorite munchkin on facetime and see how much better you will feel.  Try it!