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Diva Rant: A Hard Pill to Swallow…..


So Sandy and I were chatting with our favorite fast food diva Teresa this morning, at the Bell.  We were commenting on how it is the cleanest restaurant in town and what pride they take with the facility.  My diva wasn’t feeling top shelf but was there working her tacos off.  I told her I’d recommend supplements to take that would help a bit.  She said she couldn’t swallow pills so I said I’d get liquid elixirs.  

Then we were chatting about how demon possessed people are getting in the world these days.  We try to see the best in them and they act like burros on peyote.  We particularly noted that Sunday after church is one of the worst times. I have observed that people eating after church, seem so belligerent, rude,  and doubly over entitled.  The leave the smallest tips for the crews that show up to serve them. They leave the place a mess and scowl out.  This is a hard pill for me to swallow.

I use to wonder what got their mornings off to such a bad start.  Then I realized after listening for awhile,  most of these these folks are the people who didn’t go to church! They  are pissed off at the church goers for taking up space on their Sunday’s off.  These humans resent the joy and togetherness of the church families.  They would plot their demise if possible. Happy, joyful humans are the hardest pill of all to swallow for this lot.

These folks are in  a spiritual wasteland… where they have never known joy, laughter or even basic human caring.  There is a drought in their souls that only a good shot of a spirit filled life will ever cure.  We can put all the love and light we have toward them and they will never feel it, or know the joy of sunshine on their faces and the happiness a child’s laugh can bring.  

Stay on your path my Divas! I cringe to think any of you would ever feel this spiritual wasteland in your souls.  I say this, not to be judgy Smurf, but to wish that your diva joy could spread on all the world… so it does not suffer like these poor souls we noted above. I salute my joy Divas!!!!  Thank you for being part of a good prescription that is easy to swallow.  Thank you for bringing your light and love to the world.


The Queen Cronista 

Diva Musing: Decisions…


This quote came to my alter ego  the other night while meditating….”My life is but a canvas showing all the colors and brush strokes of my decisions.”

The Queen of the Cosmos

Isn’t it true though?  We are each a brilliant thread in the tapestry of the Universe.  Well….some are more the background (supporting cast) of weaving that makes up the tapestry.  But it is our job to give the best of what we have to offer to make our tapestry beautiful and whole. 

We do this by making better decisions each day.  Letting go of the past, not falling into the traps of background threads in the now.  Deciding, with intent, everyday to help add only beautiful threads to the tapestry of our world.  Its easier than you might think; if you only practice.  That said, the JuicyCrones wish you love, light and laughter to keep you going everyday.  

Namaste, The Queen Cronista


Diva Musing: Summer Solstice….

I, myself, honor the miracle of creation and the changing of the seasons that is a part of this glorious Universe we live in. It is a spectacular event, if you think about it.  Today marks the summer solstice and I thought we’d wax ethereally down that road together…Namaste, The Queen Cronista….
sum·mer sol·stice
ˈsəmər ˈsälstəs,ˈsōlstəs/
noun:  the solstice that marks the onset of summer, at the time of the longest day, about June 21 in the northern hemisphere and December 22 in the southern hemisphere

The Spiritual Meaning of the Summer Solstice; By Grove Harris

The summer solstice is upon us: Things to know about the longest day of the year

Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year, the shortest night, and a tipping point: from here on out the days get shorter and the nights get longer. The solstice, sometimes called midsummer because by now farmers have long done their planting, is technically the first day of summer. It both ushers in the warmest season, and reminds that the season is short, slipping away day by day. For those who revere nature, summer solstice may be celebrated by a bonfire, and staying up to greet the dawn. Celebration may be a small private event, or a large communal event such as the Pagan Spirit Gathering held on beautiful rural land in Missouri, with ritual, prayers, altars and sacred space.

Celebration may be among a broader spectrum of people, such as the 35,000 who gathered at Stonehenge last year. BBC’s coverage of that event included an interview “with those who appreciate the solstice the most: ‘We believe it is very important for people to move with the cycles of nature, and actually feel them. If you get up early in the morning and you watch that special sunrise, you’ve been a part of it. The rest of the year is shaped by that. And we think it’s a really healthy thing to do, and a very spiritual thing to do.’” And clearly the large crowd shared at least some of this sentiment and journeyed to one of the world’s most renowned sacred spots to observe the sunrise. For those for whom this is a religious practice, there are variations on the rituals or traditions. Some will burn a Yule wreath in a bonfire; some will dance, drum, sing, and pray. The variations are endless — some rituals may be prescribed and ceremonial, while others will be more spontaneous: all are witnessing the turning of the wheel of the year. People attune themselves to the rhythms of the natural world and invite the seasons of waxing and waning, of birth, growth, death and renewal to reverberate more consciously in their lives.

Rituals for the day of longest light date back to ancient times, and Stonehenge is one of the most famous sites. Dating back to between 3000-1500 BCE, its main axis is aligned to the solstice sunrise. Many cultures and ethnicities have celebrated, from ancient Roman celebrations of Vesta to feast days in many cultures. In contemporary Goddess spirituality, the American writer Starhawk offers this litany for ritual:

…This is the time of the rose, blossom and thorn, fragrance and blood. Now on this longest day, light triumphs, and yet begins the decline into the dark. The Sun King grown embraces the Queen of Summer in the love that is death because it is so complete that all dissolves into the single song of ecstasy that moves the worlds. So the Lord of Light dies to Himself, and sets sail across the dark seas of time, searching for the isle of light that is rebirth. We turn the Wheel and share his fate, for we have planted the seeds of our own changes and to grow we must accept even the passing of the sun. (The Spiral Dance, HarperCollins, 1999, p. 205)…

While Pagans hold religious ritual on the solstice, there are many public celebrations that also acknowledge the turning of the wheel of the year. Summer is widely seen as a good reason to celebrate! In Detroit, the River Days festival culminates with fireworks on the solstice, meeting fire with fire. Such celebrations build community and focus on the pleasures of the warm season, but without a religious intention.

Honoring the solstice can remind us just how precious each day and season is, because the truth of its passing away is also acknowledged. Gifts need to be appreciated, not taken for granted. Some will use their religious ritual to raise energy for healing, for re-aligning and redressing environmental wrongs, or for strengthening the sense of being part of nature, not set apart and individual, but interconnected in a larger whole, including the past, present and future. Such is the power of participating in the turning of the wheel of the year.

Diva Rambling: Gossip Cures…


I truly am on a kick to be a better Cronista!  However this morning I woke up and wanted to kick something.  Then I hugged my puppy who had been up all night chewing up the house and I felt better.  Then the day started ;~)  I wanted to rant about all the disorganized, non-visionary, unsympathetic, slanderous cows around me….STOP!!! RESET!!! Now I am at work and needing the tips below…Love to all….Namaste, The Queen Cronista

6 Steps to Recover From a Gossip Addiction

Here are some tips by Sarah Wilkins for monitoring and controlling your tendency to talk negatively about others.

1. Pick a gossip buddy.

One spiritual teacher suggests that you confine your gossiping to one or two people, perhaps your best friend, spouse, or significant other. If you have a designated gossip buddy, it’s much easier to practice restraint with the other people in your life. Choose someone who can keep secrets and who will support you in your desire to be more conscious of what you say.

2. Catch yourself.

Learn to notice when you’re about to make a snarky remark, and stop yourself before you do. If one slips out, apologize.

3. Notice the aftertaste.

Become aware of what it feels like after you gossip. It will be different for everyone, but for me the aftertaste of gossip feels like anxiety (tight shoulders, tight stomach) and what I can only describe as a worried, slightly sinking feeling that comes from sensing I might have said something I’ll regret. Note where you feel the tension in your own body the next time you engage in a gossip fest.

4. Just say no.

Turn down invitations to pick others apart. Try changing the subject when a friend wants to have a bad-mouthing session. Ask them (tactfully) to talk about something else, and tell them that you’re trying to break yourself of the negative gossip habit. You’ll find that many people will actually thank you.

5. Don’t rush to judgment.

When someone confides a piece of gossipy information about someone else, question it. Check the source. Don’t believe something unless you have clear proof—and the fact that a whole lot of people are saying something does not constitute clear proof.

6. Try a one-day gossip fast.

Decide that for one whole day you won’t talk about other people. Then, notice when that’s especially difficult. Observe what feelings prompt you to share news about someone or repeat something you’ve heard. Does your desire to gossip come from a feeling of emptiness or boredom? Does it come from a desire for intimacy with the person you’re talking to? What happens inside you when you deny the urge? How do you feel when you’ve gone through a whole conversation without once saying, Have you heard?

Sally Kempton is an internationally recognized teacher of meditationand yogic philosophy and the author of Meditation for the Heart of It.

Diva Musing: Peaceful Warrior…


Several year ago I got hooked on Dan Millman’s books on “The Peaceful Warrior”… Subsequently I completed 2 summers of training in Shamanic Studies and Journeying on the Arizona desert with my Juicy Crone cohort.  We had a blast.  So between the Shamanism and Peaceful Warrior guidance I updated my thoughts on this topic today.  I hope you enjoy….Namaste, The Queen Cronista….


  • The way of the warrior is a philosophy of willpower.

  • The way of the warrior is a philosophy of self-reliance

  • The way of the warrior is to build an indomitable spirit.

  • The way of the warrior is to build an iron will

  • The way of the warrior is to believe you cannot fail in doing anything.

  • A warrior practices consistency and practices constantly.

  • A warrior has a sense of humor and laughs a lot.

  • A warrior lives by acting; not by thinking about acting.

  • To a warrior there are not wins or no losses, he abandons all desire.

  • A warrior does not worry about the past. He uses that only to improve today.

  • A warrior lets go of all obsessions and addictions.

  • A warrior knows that only he is responsible for his acts, decisions and emotions. He Controls.

  • A warrior is never idle and never in a hurry.

  • A warrior power is in his decision; never doubting, never falters or doubts

  • A warrior knows death rides on his left shoulder. If impatient he turns left and may ask advice of death. But a true warrior knows that Spirit is the only true guide he has.

  • A warrior’s motto is see it to the end, with planned action and without doubt or remorse.

  • To be a warrior you need to know a great deal and see the world in a different way.

  • A warrior must always be in balance with his surroundings.

  • A warrior leaves nothing to chance. He does not whine or complain.

  • A warrior stores power. A hunter of power watches all; and everything tells him a secret.

  • A warrior does not kill time. There is no time to waste; killing time weakens you.

  • A warrior pushes himself beyond his limits…at all times.

  • A warrior does not complain or regret anything.

  • A warrior’s life is endless challenges; nether good or bad. Challenges are simply challenges.

  • A warrior conquers fear only by facing it.

  • The way of the Peaceful Warrior is a path through Nature of relating to tides.

  • The way of the Peaceful Warrior is knowing rhythms, tides and the pulse of the Earth.

  • The way of the Peaceful Warrior is experiencing a oneness with all things.

  • A Warrior must learn an endless capacity to improvise.

  • A Warrior accomplishes tasks quickly and with precision; there is no room to be haphazard.

  • A Warrior knows resources, he knows when, where and who and what to use.

  • A Warrior knows all limitations and respects them, he may even use that knowledge to advantage.

  • A Warrior is always alert. He never inattentive

  • A Warrior is always prepared for anything.

  • A Warrior seeks balance in all things continually.

  • A Warrior trusts the Universe and utilizes the source energies.

  • A Warrior knows how to flow with the stream and to utilize that flow.

  • A Warrior knows that in emptiness there is peace and revelation; he meditates often.

  • A Warrior knows that form follows thought and is careful to choose his thoughts wisely.

  • A Warrior maintains focus only in the present moment; he knows that is all there is, always.

  • A Warrior respects the power and abundance of nature and all it’s seasons and rhythms.


Diva Musing-Great Women….


Image result for positive quotes for women    

I salute all the mothers, sisters, grandmothers and divas who are caregivers in the home to the future of our world.  I particularly salute my Daughter-in-Law, Jenni, who is an amazing mother and teacher to my 2 grandsons.  Every day is a family event and every day is a positive learning experience for them.  May your little ones grow in peace and love and make this world a better place.  We love you MOMS!


The Queen Cronista


Diva Musing-Conversing with God!


One of my seniors sent me this after a hike on a beautiful day.  I share it with you. It is very inspiring….

Conversing with God

M. R. Hickey

Have you ever taken the time to step outside into God’s creation and let your mind just release? Not only subdue, but truly dump out all your cares. I have been blessed to have the time and the want to, to venture into the woods almost every day. Each and every day that it rains my heart breaks; it breaks because I can’t go outside and gaze at this vast array of diverse earth. In the woods, I have several designated places that I go, and sit, even pray and read often.

One thing I have learned about God’s creation is that He places a respite in diverse places, all we have to do is look for them. It may lie on the trail, or high upon the mountain, whatever appeals to the hunger of your adventurous curiosity, God has placed it in His delectable mountains. I have created the habit of carrying both a recorder and a notebook with me as I trek into this resting place, to document my adventures, findings, and even record the sounds to listen to later. Something truly amazing happened one day while I was praying in the mountains- I heard His voice. I heard the voice of God Himself, not audibly, of course, but; as I knelt in front of my special tree and conversed with Him, the wind blew over my shoulder. It mystified me almost, that as soon as I called, “Holy Father, I…” then blows a powerful wind. I paused for a moment to think and contemplate, and I sat up against that tree and just listened. I heard the wind howl, and the trees crash together with their leaves; the cedars would creak and scrape, and the birds would cry out! It was at that moment that I looked up into the mountain and saw the same sight, the trees were clashing and the birds flying, Why- all of nature was conversing with God! The birds cried out, “Holy Father” just as I did, the trees would shake their leaves to Him in honor, and it was almost as if creation was looking through that gap (Cumberland Gap) and saying, “The Lord has come to visit us today, He’s here to speak with us!”.

Oh, what a thrill, a thrill to see, and to hear natures conversation with God. My heart whispered to me the words of the psalmist, “He telleth the number of stars and He calleth them all by their names. Great is the Lord and His understanding is infinite”(Psalm 147:4-5). As I pondered this great show, I could hear the Lord, through nature say to me, “I know all these trees and birds by name without duplicity, I come to talk with them and they glorify me; if I know all these trees- the mighty oak, the sapling, the hawk, and the sparrow, and care enough to come and speak to them and visit them; how much more do I love and care for you? I didn’t send My Son to die for these trees or the wild game herein, I sent Him for you.”. Oh! How the hot tears flowed from my eyes, I could see Jesus in Caiaphas’s courtroom being mocked and spit upon and Him saying, “For thee I endure this torment and humiliation.” I saw the crown of thorns be pushed down over His brow, and He said to me, “For you do I let My blood run down My face in pain”, I saw Him walking up Calvary’s hill, and He said to me, “For you I stagger under this cross in agony”, I saw Him up on the cross and He cried out to me, “For you I lay down my life, no man takes it from Me, yet, for thee, I willingly give it up”, but dear friend the heaviest tears poured when I saw the sky darken and God say to me, “For you, have I turned My back on My only begotten Son, I let Him bleed and die as an open shame for you! OH! How I love thee! How I’ve proved it over and over again.”.

Friend, you may not see any value whatsoever in my story, but God conversed with His creation that day, and I was fortunate enough to overhear the conversation, and He taught me such a valuable lesson. Get outside, and you too, will hear Him conversing with His creation. Glory to the Lamb of God!