Diva Rambling: I Don’t Do Guilt….

All of the sitcoms show the Jewish mother, the Italian mother, the elder grandmother, the mothers and grandmothers of almost every culture as being the dreadful harbingers of guilt to their families. When I was in the rebellious stage of puberty and throughout my teen years, I always told my mother…”I’m your one child who does NOT do guilt… so take it elsewhere.”  She never knew what to do with that.
In my observations, I notice that the human psyche is set to do guilt mostly through culture and societal fears. However, when it comes to guilt feelings we must distinguish between false guilt and true guilt. It is only normal to have feelings of guilt when we do something wrong. Most of us are raised this way. Let us call this… “true guilt”. However, what we must NOT let happen is the feeling of “false guilt” undermine us. This occurs when we are innocent of something yet feel guilty about it. This is possibly because other try to manipulate us or blame us. We will call this is “false guilt”.How do we tell? How do we raise our discernment to delineate the difference?
The major difference between false guilt and true guilt is their respective points of origins. False guilt has at least two possible points of origin: our own psyche; the passive-aggressive demons in our attic… as well as humans in our circle. The evil “the accuser” who relentlessly scourges us. “The Accuser” will bring to mind the most horrible thoughts of our sub-conscious. “The Accuser” will seek to cause us to focus on the negative rather than on forgiving ourselves, learning from our mistakes, letting go and moving on. It is a fitting name, as s/he can and does accuse us to our own minds and consciences.
Then there are those who convince themselves that they’re somehow on permanent leave before the Universe. They think that if they relentlessly perform at a superficial standard—they’ll earn the Universes acceptance and the Karma Cops won’t touch them. These are the lowest of hypocrites. They don’t do guilt because they believe they are so above the rest of us. Usually, they have no conscience, therefore…NO Guilt. The Karma Cops have the most fun with these I surmise.
True guilt, originates from one’s own spirit. The “true guilt” a light- being feels over his/her wrongdoing will be the Universe trying to put our spirit back on track. The Universe cannot allow us to habitually err, so it brings to the conviction of right-doing. The Universe recognizes “guilt,” but knows it is our feelings of “true guilt”. We feel guilty because we are, in fact, guilty. The spirit knows what is right at all times.
The cure for true guilt is not just a commitment to “do better.” It’s impossible to resolve issues of the past by thinking we will do better tomorrow. Getting rid of “true guilt” requires forgiveness of ourselves and others. Once we forgive ourselves and other of the transgressions, the result is a peace unsurpassed. We are back in stride with the Path the Universe made for us.
Having “False guilt” can result in depression, anxiety, and spiritual paralysis. Try to remember you are not the center of the Universe. False guilt happens when one is in an “all about me” frame of mind. It is us worrying about us and not our true light-worker roll in the Universe. Be all that you can be to your world. Don’t do false guilt. Namaste, the Queen Cronista

Diva Musing: Napping….

Lets Take a Nap

In many lower schools the children have nap time each day. As adults we look at that as frivolous at times. For many of us our minds won’t shut down or we think it’s ourselves indolent to nap. The chaos of the surrounding world also plays havoc on our nap-time. I have attended numerous seminars that tell us that a 20 minute meditation is as good as a one hour nap. However, I have to say now that I’ve learned to nap in my wisdom years, I find it eminently more satisfying.

I’m intentionally napping more because there are distressing things I need to process. I think, for me, I do it better after I come out of a good rem state. The need for rest and relaxation is often given a seat in the back pew of the church. We do not listen to our spirit telling us to be kinder and gentler with ourselves (read any study on sleep deprivation and see what I mean). Not a wonderful outcome in any of it.

Those of us with type A personalities may be destroying our spirit. We ignore the fundamental things the Universe built into our make up to prove to everyone we are wonder persons! We try to prove we are more industrious and productive than everyone else. This is usually at our own expense, in the long run. How wonderful life would be if we would listen to spirit and let our own well-being be a priority in our lives. In fact, …working smarter not harder…, is a decent concept if you include well being in that formula. I think humankind is the worst of the species at accepting the need for a good nap. I think, personally, there would be less madness and chaos in our world if we took napping seriously. 

Namaste, The Queen Cronista



Posted on July 10, 2018 by Matt Jury under Charles Haddon Spurgeon

He who does not serve God where he is would not serve God anywhere else.

Charles Spurgeon (1834 – 1892)

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The Grass is always greener, on the other side. We all know this to be “fake news”. The Universe laugh’s each new day at the world populous looking for something else, when what is intended, is in season right now, just the way the Universe planned it. We waste so much trying to buy the latest and greatest new popular gadget, fashion, diet, house, or whatever superficial junk is ringing our bell in the moment. That’s human nature, you say?

Well, one thing this old crone has learned is that it’s all junk, and at the end of each day all that matters is where your spirit lays its head. Do we land in the prosperity of the path given, or struggle trying to get to that which is not our path? The simple fact is, it is all up to our free will and choices. Pick the right path, and while it won’t be without twists and turns, it is never as bad as choosing poorly. The Karma Cops win every time!

Telling the young ones this fact, goes over like a turd in a punch bowl! It is truth but not “their” truth. Until we gain wisdom we never understand that there are specific consequences for each and every decision we make. Everyone finds out the hard way, or never get it, and keep on paying for it. The unenlightened will endure but the payback is big time.

So, continue to sparkle where you are. Grow your roots and the Universe will tell you when to replant to new fields; if needed. If you listen the transplanting will be effortless. We love you and need you just where you are.

Namaste, The Two Juicy Crones….

Diva Rambling: Label if you must….

Label if you must….

As humans it seems to be built into our psyche to label, nickname, or profile everyone and everything. Those who say they don’t are lying to you and themselves. The liberal labels the conservatives and vice verse. Our need to label our world may add clarity to our sense of things but be harmful to others.

Using nature as one aspect of that kind of mind control over persons or things let’s think about it. It may affirm our own EGO’s need for control and superiority over a thing. Humanity is slowly destroying major areas of nature. However, mother nature will always get even. She works closely with the Karma Cops to see that we get what we deserve in the end.

The problem often equates back to the old adage “you can’t see the forest for the trees…”There is a lot of empirical difference between seeing the forest, and seeing and individual trees of that same species.

When we use names (aka individual labeling) as a way of sorting and storing information, it can be the basis of forming a more personal ideology of the world around us. Not what humankind is supposed to see as a whole. It becomes our truth; not all of humanities truth.

What we see through our personal filters is not always empirical data. It is the warped representation of a thing through our filters. Therefore, we can be very wrong at times. The EGO after all, is all about being righteous. A Visual reflection of sameness, through one filter, does not always mean, sameness through all filters, or even your own filter on another day.

Kingdom, phylum, genus, species, all labels for things in nature. Yet, how does the individual psyche interpret them? We learn in biology to identify and label certain cells of a plant or animal. However, can we toss a pebble into the center of the pond and see how every single ripple of that disturbance impacts the whole pond and all of nature? Do we look at the worth of the individual species to the Eco system, its value to all it touches in nature? We can only venture to guess through our individual filters of that outcome? We can, however, observe objectively what happens, if we remove EGO from the picture. I always say…Research on any topic depends wholly on whose funding the research. We are presented information through the filters of others of influence on a subject. Just follow the money…Our own experience and experiments may reflect a different set of untainted facts.

My point, labels we give things are not a truth per se, they’re just part of a story we are trying to tell ourselves, through our own filters. The psyche needs an order to things, to make sense of what we see. Always remember, there can be good and bad from labeling, especially if we only run it through our own EGO and filters. Label with intent to face the truth in all things. It’s harder to go wrong and look like an idiot. Namaste, The Queen Cronista

Diva Ranting: Hypocrite Avoidance Training….

The only thing worse than a liar, is a liar that is also a hypocrite!” Tennessee Williams

I’ve been on this kick for days. I see people all around me on their liberal soap boxes trying to force everyone into believing their own warped, liar perception of all things. No, your are not allowed to think, no you cannot have your own opinion, no you cannot fathom the correct way to do anything, no you cannot be human and love all people, and on and on. You know the spiel only too well.

In these days of chaos we need to step back and separate ourselves from the world at large and focus on our own spirit. There are loose translations of Buddha which state…”

Therefore, Ananda, be islands unto yourselves, refuges unto yourselves, seeking no external refuge; with the Dhamma as your island, the Dhamma as your refuge, seeking no other refuge.” Loose or otherwise they are good words to work within. We need to go within, meditate, pray, sit in silence and go into nature to a still place and just absorb nature’s vibrations.

This type of behavior keeps us away from the negative energy of the hypocrite and on the path we are intended to travel in the first place. When I have to dive into the hypocrisy pool in my world, I make it as brief as possible. I place a bubble of protection around myself and ask for protection from Source Power. Then I escape to neutral ground as soon as possible.

Don’t get me wrong. I didn’t proclaim myself a “Juicy Crone” because I’m afraid to stand ground and fight for my beliefs. However, when battling a hypocrite, one is doing a battle with an unarmed person. That never works out well. So why bother. Besides, there are only so many showers a day one can take to wash of the “stank” of a low vibration person.

Curl up with a good book, hug your fur babies or children if you have any. A reminder from before, The Karma Cops are on the way. When we sit in the Karma Cafe we always get served what we deserve. I don’t know who said that but I love it! Namaste, The Queen Cronista

Diva Ranting: Hypocrisy…




  1. the practice of claiming to have moral standards or beliefs to which one’s own behavior does not conform; pretense.

I have been experiencing a lot of this behavior in religionists, management, advertising, social circles and even families these days. If you listen to your world, the volume of this breach of humanity, is staggering. Makes me want to sit home and just hug my fur babies.

What I can do to make my world a better place? Don’t be a hypocrite. Say what you mean, and do what you say you mean. It’s simple. Walk the Talk! If we all try to improve our intentions on just this one aspect of life… the world will be a better place. Namaste, The Queen Cronista

Diva Melting: Southern Humidity….

As usual it’s been a steamy summer in the South.  My make up melts like crazy and I end up looking like a refugee from the band “KISS” by noon.   My clothes are pitted out and my allergies are rabid.  Yet, the beauty that was once a Southern comfort culture, is struggling to stay alive.  

I don’t see families picnicking in the parks as much, I don’t see boys on the ball courts and fields as much.  It is just not politically correct to be sociable any more????? Heck, we don’t even sit at the table and have dinner together at home anymore.  Is it just me or did we all seem to have more time, more laughter, more of the non-tangible joys in yesteryear?  

Now all we have going is text, video games, movies on line, no cruising the mall for good deals…buy that online.  I mean as societies we use to family more.   A few culture still do bu they seem to be mostly in impoverished areas, where family is all they have. I truly think these family cultures have a lot going for them.  The old adage… “it takes a village to raise a child” is now gone from our world.  

Stop take a breath, fix the family a non-nuked meal, play checkers on the table, play go fish or old maid.  Sit for the weekend and keep a monopoly board going or make popcorn and fudge to watch a movie together. It takes a family to make a home.