Diva Melting: Southern Humidity….

As usual it’s been a steamy summer in the South.  My make up melts like crazy and I end up looking like a refugee from the band “KISS” by noon.   My clothes are pitted out and my allergies are rabid.  Yet, the beauty that was once a Southern comfort culture, is struggling to stay alive.  

I don’t see families picnicking in the parks as much, I don’t see boys on the ball courts and fields as much.  It is just not politically correct to be sociable any more????? Heck, we don’t even sit at the table and have dinner together at home anymore.  Is it just me or did we all seem to have more time, more laughter, more of the non-tangible joys in yesteryear?  

Now all we have going is text, video games, movies on line, no cruising the mall for good deals…buy that online.  I mean as societies we use to family more.   A few culture still do bu they seem to be mostly in impoverished areas, where family is all they have. I truly think these family cultures have a lot going for them.  The old adage… “it takes a village to raise a child” is now gone from our world.  

Stop take a breath, fix the family a non-nuked meal, play checkers on the table, play go fish or old maid.  Sit for the weekend and keep a monopoly board going or make popcorn and fudge to watch a movie together. It takes a family to make a home.  



Diva Musing: Day Two, Manifest Destiny…

Manifesting Destiny, aka the power of attraction, You can use this same idea to nurture each day with absolute stealth and satisfaction. Instead of simply thinking about the abundance of things that you have passion for today, Actually focus with deep gratitude for all of the joyful abundance that is already waiting for you in the real world. Know with assurance that you have all of the skill and experience that you need to handle all things in the now. Just know that you have enough are enough. Know that this day and every day will include joy, abundance and resources to do your work in the world. Know that you are always surrounded by love and light and joy. You just need to tap into your spirit and see it. It is like working out, or writing, or cooking, the longer you do it the more it becomes part of your every day reality. Essentially, you are able to create a new reality for yourself. Find out for your self. You have noting to loose and everything to gain.

The good news is, this resource for the ultimate life, is free to everyone. This process is what the Universe intended and for each of us. We were each created with the perfect software and hardware to achieve our intended path. We are responsible for tuning in, meditating and tapping into our spirits self (aka sub conscious self) to find the proper way to walk that path.

Our world is made of up matter and energy and vibration. As a perfect creation of the Universe you vibrate at a specific frequency that the Universe recognizes every moment. You are like a tuning fork that vibrates at only one frequency and no one else in the Universe ever has before or will again. Sometimes our vibration is low because the energy we expel is in the form of hate, self-pity, lack of forgiveness, bitterness, anger. This is the energy that dulls our ability to manifest well. Sometimes our vibration is higher, we feel love, gratitude, joy, humor, good health etc. The vibrations of these energy fields is what opens us to properly manifesting. If you are clinging on the edge of the abyss of negativity today…cancel the thought and let a positive vibrational though pull you out and set you on your righteous path again. It is always your choice!! Every moment of every day. Choose carefully and well. Stay in the light that surrounds you at all times.

Back to my old faithful image of us…we are the wonderful golden threads that make up the beautiful tapestry of the tree of life. All other threads are the background of dark energy that choose to let us shine. Namaste, The Queen Cronista

Diva Musing: Manifesting Destiny…

Manifesting Destiny…

Law of attraction has had my attention for 12 years, Ever Since Rhonda Byrne wrote the self help book “The Secret“. I’ve watched the movie a many times. It bring me back to focus when I have a bad day. For those that are unfamiliar, the law of attraction is a pseudo-scientific belief that we are all creators of our own reality. It is an understanding that your desires and thoughts create your vibration and continued alignment with that vibration attracts things of like energy to you.

I often speak of the basic physics concept….”Form Follows Thought”…. If you think that you are lacking love, you will attract no one, or worse, someone who is NOT for you. If you are thinking about accomplishing a goal and you and see it accomplished…it will happen. It all sounds a little too “woo-woo”, airy Fairy, right? However, I know that it is entirely true.

Years, ago, regardless of the evidence, I was anxious, frustrated, agitated, and stuck. In my mind, my my life sucked, I was not providing for my loved ones, I thought I was a terrible mom because my job required so much travel, my family didn’t really care about me. I lost my passion and desire for my hobbies. I had no future career path nor any prospects that would make me happy. Even graduating my masters in my 40’s suma cum laud did not stoke the passion again. Life looked bland to me even though observers would tell me how lucky I was. I realized this downward spiral had been a process, and I had not been paying attention. I think we all end up in these valleys sometimes.

How do we find our way back to joy and gratitude? How do we keep moving forward? How do we create a new reality? We must control the battle of the psyche. The dark forces take over, the ego is insatiable and we plummet into a dark abyss. However, your soul knows, your soul cannot be tricked into this garbage. We must learn to listen, and tap in, turn onto that still small voice within that gives us the garbage dumping, dust bunny sweeping, soul rejuvenating data we need. It is always accessible.

Many just jump into the over-entitlement abyss…”I deserve better than this (or I deserve a medications, extra dessert, extra everything bad for me….etc) or some kind of relief”.  In most of these situations, people are unable to see past their own web of deceit. Their thoughts are taking over. Their mind is leading them directly into a deeper abyss. They are trading true happiness, true peace for worldly accouterments. A quick fix will only deplete your energy bank account faster. Putting a band aid on a festering boil will only let it continue to grow.

There is, in fact the simplest of helps. Practice makes perfect… you can change your outcomes with simple practices. Begin by focusing your thoughts, words, and energy on small positive manifestations. Feel it truly happening in the now. Feel it as your truth. i.e. …I now have the money, the people, and the resources to accomplish all good things in my life!” Say it with passion and intention.

You know what they say about excuses don’t you? They’re like rectums, everybody has one and they all stink! Do it now, do it with passion, do it only with positive intention and attention. “Fake it until you make it.” I don’t know who said that but it works. Just keep practicing… and practicing… and practicing some more. One day you will noticed, ask I did, that I was more tuned into my environment and happier. Just keep trying, the result will astound you. You will see more success, desires, and more manifestations all around you. Namaste, The Queen Cronista

Diva Ranting: Bullies-Re-post….

In Your Honor- Re-post

I am having the opportunity to observe the psychological impact of a whole gaggle of women old and young manipulating people.  It is not pretty.  They bully by passive-aggressive manipulation. They make younger peers cowl and feel no self-worth.

They control adults by giggling and sweetly appearing to obey when they are undermining the core ethic of human compassion and existence.  Yet they party on… and watch others get verbally spanked instead of them.

We wonder why our societies of the globe are in such trouble?  “The Kar-Trashians”  “ The Tramp-olinas” of the world are ruling our media, our minds and our well-being. We need to be standing our ground, Divas, use your discernment. Don’t let the manipulators drain your mental bank accounts. Take up for yourselves and those you see them bullying. Stand your ground to those supporting their behaviors.

We are the Divas, Sisters, and Grandmothers that the world depends on for strength and honor in the world. Our integrity will help the generations be strong, but only if we remain strong disciplinarians too. I love each of you for what you bring to the table of life. Your strength, your honor, your creativity and your integrity. Wherever you are on the globe reading this….I thank you for your service to our world. We need you. Namaste, The Queen Cronista

Diva Musing: On Snapping Suspenders…

On Snapping Suspenders…
I’ve mentioned several times lately that I had a habit of trying to bring levity to my corporate jobs… just so I could survive in such a cut throat world. Getting an annual budget of 10 Million Dollars approved was a tribulation for everyone but my department. Why? I’ll tell you the story.
Our CFO at one company was a Jewish Accountant at the company for 20 years. You did your annual budget presentation to the approval team of he and several senior executives each November for the following year. Everyone looked at it with dread. Abraham, (we’ll call him) was a no nonsense numbers man with a PhD in mathematics. He was always well dressed and wore suspenders always (we’ll get to that later…). People feared him.
The first year I had to go through the process I marched down to his department and asked for help. I told him I knew I was a no return on the investment unit and wanted to convince him otherwise. I also wanted to know what his expectations were so as not to waste time in the presentation. He was shocked and told me no one had ever asked him anything in advance. I told him that since I wasn’t an accountant that I would need help projecting the guaranteed raises for the professional associate program I was running at home office. This required amortizing salary for 3 years at various guaranteed statuses. He had his staff run that for me. He and I agreed in advance what the travel budget for the entire company would be since I was also in charge of that. As I left I snapped his suspenders and said…”Wow, Abraham, you aren’t as bad to deal with as they said. He laughed and said…”No one comes for advance input ever. You did the right thing, you can come and snap my suspenders any time you need help.”
We had discussed in advance the other topics and so I had a fixed amount in advance of that meeting. The day of the fateful meeting all parties showed up in the intimidating board room with all the stoic pin strip suits glaring at us. I presented it and in 2 minutes my $10 million budget was approved. One VP began yelling at about 6 decibels….”I’ve been here 20 years you never approve my budget that fast.” Abraham replied “…you never prepare like she did!” That was that.
Who knew something as simple and fun as snapping suspenders would ensure my budget with ease for the next 4 years. It allowed me to foster a professional but relaxed relationship with a department everyone feared.
My point is that you don’t have to swing a sledge hammer and act superior to get excellent, non-stressful results. Sometimes, levity and building a comfortable relationship with other departments is just the right thing to do.
Namaste, The Queen Cronista

Diva Musing: Diapers in the Board Room..

I’ve been posting a lot on funny stories from my corporate life….at least funny to me! This one almost got me caught!  I use to work as a home office executive for a fortune 100 company. One year the advertising agency we paid millions came up with another “corporate puke phrase” we had to preach and support.   Let’s call our company ABC.  The term was ” ABC stops leakage in 93″! That was the year many fortune 500 companies were using the same mantra, go figure.  

So in my most respectively irreverent way I played a trick at the annual board of directors meeting.  I got giant plastic eggs, filled them with chocolate candy, put them in preemie disposable diapers, and placed the label on each butt of each diaper  that read    ” ABC stops leakage in 93″!  I then placed one at each seat in the board room before the meeting began.  I figured I’d catch hell, because I knew everyone would guess what crazy person had the nerve to do that.

I was surprised to find they were a hit, and one was sent to the head of our 200 subsidiaries, one of the most politically important executives in the country at the time. I never wanted my name in front of his face, Whoops, too late. Thankfully, he liked it a lot and I got a great bonus at the end of the year. Come to find out he liked mavericks who weren’t afraid to speak up or poke a little fun in an attempt to get results.  

My point, again, find creative ways to get a point across, without having to show everyone you have balls bigger than church bells.  Laughter trumps balls every time. Again use discernment, know your audience and above all be your wonderful self.

Diva Rambling: The Corporate Easter Egg Hunt…

The Corporate Easter Egg Hunt

Many years ago I was running the largest training department in the country. The management couldn’t understand why everyone loved to spend a week at the home-office training department, in the winter, in New York.
We trained all 5000 employees in America and many from our global offices around the world.
It was my belief that if we wanted people to buy into the training we had to make it fun. I always tried to do that. Learning experiences included role play, dungeon and dragon tasks, scavenger hunts and many other creative experiential learning tools.

We also like to make it fun for the people stuck at home office year round. One spring I bought 50 dozen plastic Easter eggs. The staff and I would sit and fill them with candy and treats during our lunch hours for about two months. In many of the eggs we placed prize tickets telling the finder that they could come to the training center and claim a prize. We had the prizes numbered so when they came they received a gift.

At that time I reported to the company CEO. He came in the morning we hid the eggs and called me to his office. He said I drove into my executive parking space this morning and observed half of the people at home-office out pecking in the lawn like chickens. I even saw a couple fighting for the plastic eggs they picked up. My first thought was it could only be the Queen Of The Cosmos that orchestrated this party. Did I get that right? “Yes, Sir, I replied “. He then stated that I got away with more in corporate America than he’d ever seen anyone get away with. But, he liked it and told me to keep up the good work.

Again, my point is, if you get the urge to do something that’s a specialty of yours; do it. You must have respectful irreverence at all times. You must know your audience and have good instincts. You must especially know your boss. Take a chance! Make peoples days a little brighter. Sometimes the payback is more wonderful than you can imagine.

More about pampers in the board room later… Namaste, The Queen Cronista