Diva Musing: I’ll Tell You A Story….

I’ll tell you a story…..
In light of my recent new level of gratitude, I must post about two amazing young women I know.
Both are modern young ladies who are gloriously wild and original. They live on their own terms and to their own standards. Both of these young women refuse to please or appease the people around them, I man those who are revealed as hypocrites and sycophants by contrast to them. These two young ladies are so authentic and irrepressibly passionate. They are the “go big or go home girls” of their generation. The people who may think ill of them or scorn their individuality and bravery are mean spirited, obsessed with all the superficial appearances that accompany so much of Hollywood these days. You may know them or be one of them….those oblivious to the true beauty of what’s in front of them.
These young divas are in constant battle with the “Kartrashians” of the world. This is a fact of life, because there’s really no way that allows them to remain true and good, aside from ignoring that part of life. The girls both excel because there are some good people around them, not just the mean teens who are ill-spirited hell hounds. The good people help shelter their light worker hearts, and enables them to build on that. They are brilliant and lucky to have so many good people love them and want the best for them. They both observe, I’m sure, that so many young women their age ultimately perish in the toxic societal cesspool in which they must dwell.
I think my heroines in this story are much like their ancestors of theelfin princess” genre of ancient lore. They’re too good for this mortal realm. Both are too pure of soul for the impure adulterations of those around them. Often in tales such as this, these heroine princesses all too often, cannot possibly have an outcome in which they might get to live happily ever after. Young women who are inherently good but betrayed by all the social chaos in their lives. Beware, the women of whom I speak, will not be undone. They are among the most glorious threads that make up the rich tapestry of our lives. They are NOT background; they are the threads that bind the whole tapestry into a brilliant story.
The true brilliance of these young women will always shine through, they will never take a back pew to the self righteous pretext of people who consider themselves better than they. This is a true story. Not a story of beautiful wild women who could be…but are! It is a story of the Joan of Arcs, the Queen Elizabeth’s, Amelia Earhart, Jane Eyre, Rosa Parks, Hermione Granger, Scarlett O’Hara….women both real and fictitious who have molded our modern tapestry, and make it so much more beautiful.
These days society has strayed away from the true elegant ‘wild women’ to a much more nip and tucked version of less than the real thing. I think we truly need stories in which “wild women” are allowed to be exactly who and what they are in the world. Women who are allowed to be true to themselves and their world. We need to celebrate these women. Make sure they are not melted into society as drones, but who are celebrated for being just what they are….”The Guilded Threads” in The Tapestry of our Universe! I salute you Sammie and Em, my elfin princesses. You are real and you are our future.

Diva Ranting: Law of the Universe….

Law of the Universe…
They say that a good social network and getting plenty of hugs each day will make us live longer and healthier lives. I’ve always asked who is the proverbial “they”? Anyway, I agree, but to some extent they need to do the research, I think. Nowadays everything is done by virtual media. Hugs, thinking of you, how are you, happy birthday, get well soon. All of this can be done from a distance, with no personal contact required. We’ve taken the “person” out of personal.
I still love to turn the page of a book. I love getting a card of any kind in the mail (except junk from banks and politicians). I like to see families hugging their children instead of tossing a computer at them to keep them out of the way. We must participate in our civilization in order to keep it healthier and viable. We cannot continually push off the duty to participate in our friends and families lives to schools, police, and social media. Taking patriotism, social ethics, business ethics, prayer, out of the classrooms has led to a generation of vipers. Children with respect of any kind, no appreciation of anything, and worse no conscience. That is why bulling and school shootings are on the rise. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure that one out.
I use to tell my children, you and only you have to live with the consequences of every decision you make. The Karma Cops will always find you. Kids today know today, on a whole, there are no consequences to their actions and a pissy little “time out” is the only punishment. They haven’t even been told the Karma Cops are coming; no matter what.
The demands of the current world are so extreme that it makes us forgetful, unappreciative and mentally drained and unhealthy in general. That is not even factoring in our need for everlasting “stuff” which allows industry to pollute all of nature without any consequences; yet. Both business and governments only have commitment to profits… personal and monetary. Our own greed allows them to get away with it; again cause and effect; consequences!
We no longer possess the unwritten duties to each other we use to have in times gone by. When the poor and hungry break the law they are punished. When the serial killers of the government vote against us and pocket vast amounts of ill gotten gain in their off shore accounts they are rewarded even more (The Karma Cops will come).
The simple fact is… as humans we have always depended on community and civil law to survive. We, all peoples, depend on each other to keep balance in the world. We depend on the people around us to care and not abuse privileges. We depend on farmers, laborers, medical professionals, civil service workers and a plethora of other good people for food, for amenities, for services and healthcare. Nowadays we all too often disregard this fact and think of only ourselves. If we don’t… the ties that bind us together, the link to humanity, will diminish further. If we continue to pass through each day with a lack of gratitude we will reap the reward of our indifference by loosing all that we now depend on. If we don’t see the importance of working together, what we end up with is self-aggrandizement, and reward for evil at extreme cost to the masses.
Don’t get me wrong. I am by no means a passivist. I am in to butt kicking the proven guilty and helping those in real need. But our duty to our world is an unwritten law of the Universe that is being broken all too often in our world. We must each do our part to fulfill our duty no matter what. What can you do today to uphold your duty? Namaste, The Queen Cronista

Diva Ranting: Bullies….

Confronting the bully and abuser….

Have you ever witnessed a bully or abuser first hand? Most of us see it everyday. Sometimes it’s the customer berating a poor waiter or waitress. Sometimes it’s a parent screaming at a child in the superstore. Sometimes it’s a man belittling a female in front of others. The list goes on and on. Sometimes we just notice we haven’t been as compassionate in a situation as we could have been.

Whatever the cause the results are usually the same; someone is hurt on the other side of the abuse and bullying. When a compassionate light-worker is called on their less than their usual kind actions, they are remorseful and saddened by their own behavior. The true bully and abuser will likely go passive aggressive on you and point out that it is none of your business, and it is the fault of the abused in the first place. This is hardest on the innocent child victims. They tend to believe what adults tell them. This damage may take lifetimes to heal; if ever.

The abuser always bullies the victim. Therefore, the victim, will withdraw more, and do less to protect themselves. They truly begin to believe that their responses are “crazy” and unreasonable. Often even the social services groups let themselves get convinced that the bully is correct and the victim ultimately feels deserving when nothing gets done.

I’ve seen this happening a lot over the years in private social groups such as clubs and religious organizations. The abusive, self-righteous cliques, stifle the abused wanna be; who just wants to fit somewhere. They will do anything to “fit” and be accepted. Therefore, the cycle continues. Light-workers, beware of the use of words like ‘only’ in these situations (i.e. I only meant to…). When abuse is not physical, the abuser finds it even easier to persuade outsiders about their justification of the situation. They minimize their behavior by saying…The victim wants attention, has no sense of reality, and makes something out of nothing.

Abusers also like to play the victim card. They will often get furious about being called out and be more worried about being caught than repairing all of the harm they’ve inflicted on others. It is our duty as light-workers to stand ground for the victims of abuse when we recognize it. Our compassion may truly make a difference in a life. I’ve been fighting against bullies for others since high school. As an adult, I find they get away with it more often these days. We must keep our awareness tuned, and our compassion in tact to help make this a better world.                Namaste, The Queen Cronista

Diva Ranting: Taking It Too Far…..

Taking it too far…Monochromatic Beware

As if it isn’t bad enough we have “Fake News”, “Fake History Books”, “Fake Gender”, “Fake Life” we now have to use our discernment on everything. Only a true Diva would realize and understand, this as, I’m sure you already do. However, I’m going to rant anyway.

So, I’m looking for early Christmas presents and birthday presents to work on my holiday budget. I’m online and I see an educationally augmented “reality” based globe for boys and girls. A learning gift for kids that has no borders or names on the globe… Seriously, enough of this shit! NOW, we have to contend with “Fake Geography”. What about the child’s culture? They deserve to be able to find their homeland on a map or globe. They deserve to know the rich culture of their homeland and the struggles their forefathers most assuredly paid to get them to where they are today. Why are we “faking” everything? This is NOT freaking Hollyweird, people! This is NOT some bad sci-fi movie. This is NOT some game you can play with the Universe… to take away all the richness it has given to our heritage; good, bad, or indifferent.

The Universe will most assuredly see that the Karma cops nail the offenders; whoever, and wherever they are. The one world order folks beware. The threads that make up the tapestry of my world, the yellow, black and white, are as special and different as day and night. Their light will continue to shine. Their light will not be quenched by those demanding a dull, monochromatic, monogender, mono-creative, mono-lack of splendor world. Go back to the dark cave from which you came. The brilliance of the light beings of the Universe will continue to shine as they were created. The disruptor will pay for their lack of appreciation and vision to see the Universe as it was created; with a specific plan for each of us, that no person can put asunder.

You lackluster, monochromatic, dweebs beware….The Karma Cops will find you and the Universe will take its revenge. I will watch with satisfaction the Horror Movie you are creating for yourselves.
Namaste, The Queen Cronista

Diva Musing: Grow or Go…..


In a world gone mad we need to step up our game just the same. It is a matter of projecting excellence or extinction. Let the world know your brand is one of excellence; both in business and personal integrity. Let the world see what a contributor you are to the standard of superior excellence. My screen saver is “No Excuses; just Excellence!”

We must grow or go. Never let indolence become part of any day. The world will not wait on you to decide. Know your path, follow your path. Never conform to anything that jeopardizes your integrity or personal standards.

Sitting it out with regularity is a no profit game; whether in life or business. Acting like a drone or robot is not the answer. Your own personal touch is the answer; always. Be the artist of your life. Paint your picture the way it was meant to be. Grow or Go!!!

Namaste, The Queen Cronista

Diva Rambling: Listening Skills….

“Never do a battle of wits with an unarmed person….” don’t know who said it but I like it!!  I use to try to explain myself all the time.  It doesn’t work.  Most people these days are only focused on their own agenda in any conversation.  They are listening to respond not to understand your point.   I can count on one hand the people I’ve known in my life who genuinely want to hear what others say.  I am always working on that myself.  I tend to get bored when I’m hearing the story of everyone’s ass aches and woundettes over and over again.  I mean I’m bad on that count; a real witch on a broom, if I’m honest!
But the rare ones, the ones who listen with attention in their eyes and hearts, are so few not everyone knows even a handful.  God even tells us to…”be still and listen”…  I’d like to improve on this a behavior.  However, when I need to get something done, I tend to rush people who want to drone on with pedantic, inane stories and never arrive at a point.  I’m old, I may not live through some of the crap they drone on about.  
I think my flaw does make me a better conversationalist, perhaps.  I know how being on the other end of a sad tale of woe for an hour feels.  I try to be quick and to the point. When I digress, I ask people to point it out to me that I need to focus. I know I have a responsibility not to waste people’s time in daily life.  If I  make a post here… you can skip it if it’s too long or boring.  It’s hard to do in face to face conversations.  
I do love a good story.  I like a persons ability to tell it with joy and relish of the adjectives that make it click. I love war stories from special forces soldiers, I love stories of hilarious grandchildren who make our world wonderful.  I love to hear elders expound on the past with reflection and not negativity.  So, long story short, don’t bore the world with your constant whining of ass aches, dramas that are only drama in your sad life. Don’t drown us with tales of woe is me, my wound is worse than your wound.  Fill the world with wonderful tales of joy, gratefulness, and love.  It helps those of us who are challenged listeners, become better listeners and better people.                                  Namaste, The Queen Cronista   
P. S. I have many friends with PTSD, and real diagnosed psychoses.  These folks deserve a good listener and they are the exceptions. They are not boring they are God’s children, put in our paths to help.  I will get off my broom for them.  

Diva Musing: Hypocrisy….





  1. the practice of claiming to have moral standards or beliefs to which one’s own behavior does not conform; pretense.

I have been experiencing a lot of this behavior in religionists, management, advertising, social circles and even families these days. If you listen to your world, the volume of this breach of humanity, is staggering. Makes me want to sit home and just hug my fur babies.

Avoid the passive aggressive manipulators, the malignant narcissists and legalistic religionists…their judgments are always hypocritical and toxic.  Protect yourself against them at all costs. 

What I can do to make my world a better place? Don’t be a hypocrite. Say what you mean, and do what you say you mean. It’s simple. Walk the Talk! If we all try to improve our intentions on just this one aspect of life… the world will be a better place. Namaste, The Queen Cronista