Diva Rambling: Lowering Expectations….


Most of us, because of our upbringing, wake up each day with expectations of how that day will go. We think work will be a certain way, friends will be a certain way or even how our family will play out the day or week. I love the old saying…”Want to make God laugh? Tell him your plans!” Expectations are the stuff of the dark side. We can think in positive love and light and we should. But do NOT try to dictate to the Universe the our expectations. The odds are you are in for a let down. Mostly because it is the Universe’s plan not ours that rules.

We know this, and still we always fall prey to the trap of guiding the Universe’s hand. We try to force how a certain time or event will go, only to be disappointed. In our true efforts to meditate and find the middle ground, expectations are pretty much a big don’t do. Get in the stream and go with the flow, we should trust and let the water carry us to safety. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not suggesting we sit back and do nothing ever. We need to think the thought and see them a manifest, but let the Universe handle the details. I’ve always found the Universe’s plan is always better than mine and I end up in a better part of the riverbank, with new, unexpected friends and joyful fulfillment that “My Expectations” did not interfere with as a result. I hope that makes sense. Namaste, The Queen Cronista


Diva Rambling: Zen-O-Meter…


I’ve noticed with this summers hectic schedules, and bizarre hiccups, that a quiet weekend at home seems such a respite even more. It becomes a chance to catch up on all things home. I’ve traveled fifty percent of my adult life and I’ve come to love nesting.

I have discovered, for me specifically, and others as well, we need a balance between Zen and morass. When we do not get the proper rest that our on-board systems tell us we need, we become a little more savage and frazzled. What is your Zen-o-Meter telling you, as and individual, that you need? Are you even listening?

Sometimes the Universe gets quirky and takes away the control of our time for reasons we don’t understand. However, you can take back control. Sometimes the Universe is just throwing a brick at us to get us to focus on the “NOW” and not take the daily domestic things for granted. Find your peace, find your Zen and above all find this moment. Namaste, The Queen Cronista

Diva Rambling: Alone in the crowd…

Alone in the Crowd…

I often sit alone in a crowd. I place myself somewhere in a remote section of the venue I’m in at the moment…and just listen. Then I close my eyes and listen. There are hundreds of sounds and words swirling about me. Some interesting conversations and some you wish you could “unhear”. Some sounds so elegant to the soul. Other sounds so hellish to the soul.

I think of what life would sound like if I was a tribal member of the Amazon Forest or some remote jungle island. Less disturbing, I think. There I could dwell quietly alone with the trees, animals, the wind and flowing waters to sing to me. Oh, what a different world my life would be.

But now I must deal with the sounds of the irritated morass. I must accept that since I am not a hermit the sounds of my reality with which I must contend. I can actually come to appreciate some as rhythmic delight or natural purring of city streets. Those that I cannot… I’m learning to filter and not get irritated. That’s the hard one for me.

Alone in the crowd is not bad if you learn to filter the sounds and make them your own symphony. Namaste, The Queen Cronista

Diva Rambling: Every Season….

For everything there is a season…”Not to be confused with the song…

The summer in “The Crater” has been unusually different this year. We’ve had record rainy days and humidity that will melt candle wax. Yet it has been so green and lush one shouldn’t complain at all this beauty.

Here late in August I feel like we’ve already had autumn weather the last two days. Early for us. I haven’t heard reports on the wooly worms yet. That is a sign around here about how bad winter will be in the mountains. The fruits and vegetables at the farmers markets have been exceptional as well. I hate to play favorites to any season but fall…the smells, the colors, smoke from the fire places and all that comes with it are a marvel to me.

I always loved coming home and taking my children and my nieces and nephews to the park and letting them roll in the dead leaves. The natural smells and colors laying background to the joyful frolicking only children can produce.

Let us not forget it is important to explore the decay inherent in nature. Then the change of season comes and we explore the growth and new life aspects of cycles as well. There is a mythical presence in returning the soil to regeneration of all of nature. The decaying ground cover is an example of how all gardens should be tilled. Nature sets the scene for it all and most humans ignore it. There are lots of YouTube info sites now on lasagna gardening. All taken from the observations of the forest floor. I watch them often.

Anyway, I digress. Along with the change of season in nature we also each have our own seasons. These range from a dark night of the soul to seasons of joyful abundance in all areas of our lives. Depending on our outlook (remember, form follows thought). Soooo, lets start today with a beautiful affirmation like….I am now enjoying a season of joy and abundance. The money, the people and the resources I need are now flowing in my life. Don’t let anything or anyone including your resident Drama Queens change that thought. Surround yourself with only with the people who support you and encourage your creativity and love you just the way you are….I know the Cronistas do. Love and light. Namaste, the Queen Cronista

Diva Rambling: Conflict of Interest….

Conflict of Interest

We have been discussing keeping our gardens weedless and focusing on abundant harvests. The sad truth is if you are a light-worker and have the selfless habits of taking a stand for righteousness and good you will be tested by the world. Everyone these days seems to be looking to be incensed about our every next word. When we take a stand for what we believe is right people will rail up against us and cause controversy and conflict. Here is where we once again must remember our focus.

I recently read a great thought for focusing. To paraphrase it read as follows…Colonel Goethals (builder of the Panama Canal) received great strife over his project. One day one of his assistants had had enough. He asked the Colonel, “Aren’t you going to do anything about all of this criticism?” “Yes,” replied The colonel. “What then?” asked the assistant. To which the Colonel replied…”Finish the Canal.”

Whenever we take a stand for right over wrong, good over evil, there will always, always be those who rise up to cause us grief and stress. I dare say that some of us get this just by being a light in the darkness. Our very being is a “conflict of interest to the forces of evil”, Evil hates light. If we are sincere and our message is true then who can stand against us? No one as the Universe has our back at all times. If we truly walk our intended path of creative altruism then we will prevail. Never let your cage be rattled by the dark, small minds of evil and disdain. Remember, our task is to finish our job (our intended path). 

Namaste, The Queen Cronista

Diva Rambling: Monitor Our Expectations…

Monitor Your Expectations…

We have been discussing growing the perfect garden of thoughts. What we also need to remember is to monitor our expectations. Most of us wake up each day with thoughts of where the day will go, what the day should look like, and how our expectations should manifest. In short we are swimming up stream against the rapids; When We should be going with the flow.

I had a meditation once where I was lying on my back in a large river of rapids culminating at a giant waterfall. Instead of fear and anticipation of the bad outcome at the bottom of the falls, I placed myself in the hand of God and that boat carried me down the river, lowered me gently to the bottom of the falls and on into calm water. What a sense of peace I had when I came out of that meditation.

Had I immediately tried to reason myself in control, flailing to get to the side, out of the natural flow of the stream, I would have ended up a hot mess. Always choose to “go with the flow”…as they say. We will all wake up many mornings in a state of “expectation”. Some with manifesting that luxury car, a huge mcmansion, winning the lotto, or a dream vacation. We focus on things which clutter the mind and grow the weeds of discontent. We live in the state of expectation and try to live and act to do whatever to “GET WHAT WE WANT”!

If we fail to weed the garden of expectation we end up with failure. Many a garden has been overgrown by needless expectation. When we step away from trusting the Universe to provide all provision it wants us to have, we contaminate our garden with weeds of discontent. Not the world, not the Universe, not God, not other humans… its all on us!

We keep talking about focusing on the right things so that the genie in the bottle gives us the perfect outcome all the time. When you live in a state of wanting and expectation, the genie in the bottle grants the wishes of your thoughts all the time. You get want and endless expectations.

How can we better honor the flow of the stream of thoughts? How do we practice NOT giving in to the thoughts that keep us swimming ceaselessly upstream? There are numerous ways as we’ve discussed in the past. However, lets keep it simple and practice focusing on these three.

1. Wait for the Universe/God. Let the perfect plan for our lives manifest in its own time; not ours.

2. Trust the Universe/God. Know, that at all times, there is a perfect plan for us and the all knowing Universe/One Source has set it into motion at birth.

3. One expectation only…that we live each day in the “Universal Flow” of our perfect stream. Know that when we hold fast to this thought the Universe will reward us according to our perfect plan.

If we can do these three things daily we will not join the world of chaos that dwells in discontent, discouragement, and failure. We will trust the Universal Plan knowing that all perfect expectations will manifest in our life. With belief and practice we can make it so.

Namaste, The Queen Cronista..

Diva Rambling: Fall Harvest….

Fall Harvest…

So far we’ve talked about where to plant our gardens. Since the seeds are our thoughts, the focus on positive energy and thoughts, is our fertilizer, and pulling weeds keeps our garden clean and abundant, then we get to the harvest.

How do we get a proper harvest? Easy, you’ve done the work the Universe expected you to do in fulfillment of its perfect plan for you…all you have to do is sit back and watch the Universe itself provide the perfect flow of joy and abundance into your world. Are you getting the picture yet?

Can it be that simple. YES! The work itself is hard, and keeping focus even harder… for some of us. However, working in the flow of all that is available reaps the perfect rewards. It is that simple. Are you getting the picture yet?

Remember if you spend your time doubting the Universal Laws and trying to prove them wrong (form follows thought) then the genie of the lamp will give you just that… doubt and opposite rewards. You still get your reward!!! What rewards will you choose? Namaste, the Queen Cronista