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Diva Rambling: Joyful Day….


My great niece and best sidekick Elizabeth text me this morning with bedhead, wake-up pictures, demanding my presence to take her to breakfast (one of my favorite things).  We dined, checked on my dogs and she has abandoned me for better things.  LOL!! 

My point is…. this is one of the things that makes me happy every day when it happens.  Give some thought today to those things like Elizabeth that make you so happy.  Make a list.  When you are feeling down use that list as a trigger to take your mind to happy times and smiles.  With practice you don’t have to let the rain, winter or any other gloomy Gus event take you down (it does take practice for some).  But joy feels much better than gloom and doom.  So…if you can, choose this little trigger trick and see if it works for you!  I wish you happy thoughts.  


The Queen Cronista

Diva Rambling: Good Vibrations…


However the day goes, you’ll be able to enjoy yourself by noticing how big a part is played by the beauty in our daily Universe. There is no such thing as a senseless act of kindness, since it has such power to feed and empower your soul & raise the vibration of your world.

You can salvage the messiest situation or cheer up the unhappiest person by appreciating the wonders that are all around us….

It’s been raining for weeks.  People are gloomy and fussy.  Be the joy-bug in someone’s day and feel the wonder of what rain does and how it makes everything in our world so lush.  Start the laughter in a room, smile at someone who looks gloomy.  Be the one who raises the vibration where ever you go.  

I wish you all good vibrations….


The Queen Cronista

Diva Rambling: Simple Things…


Is it just me?… or does a new picture of your family sitting on your desk or shelf just make you want to do a dance of joy?  Why do people want to gather “stuff” when something like this.  makes you feel so wonderful?  

We’ve forgotten how to be grateful for the simple things.  Simple things have always made me joyful since childhood.  Finding a lady slipper in the wood on one of my adventures, the raven who followed and protected me in that wood.  The glory of God in a mountain, river, or ocean sunset.  My baby sister smiling at me in her crib and a  really good pot of beans and greens with cornbread for dinner.  

Where has our focus on these joys gone? Why do we loose sight of these things.  Modern children have never even known such joyful treats.  I saw a quote at on TV the other day …”At the Zen school we have nothing to offer you; that is why it is Zen!”  The only way I can survive this current world is to focus on the emptying my world of “stuff” and chaos and releasing myself to the joys of yesteryear.  It calms me and makes me feel rich.  

The Queen Cronista recommends that you clear you mind; sweep all the dust bunnies from your attic today and feel the peace of times gone by.  If you are too young to know these feelings then take a walk in nature.  Put your chakras back against a tree and give a big hug (yes seriously).  All of nature vibrates at Alpha, the state we achieve in meditation.  A walk in nature will calm and relax you and let the good stuff run through you.  I wish you the peace of nature today, my Divas.


The Queen Cronista

Diva Musing: Be Kind to one Another….


Everyday, everywhere I go, people want to tell me about what’s going on in their lives. More and more it is about how badly friends and relatives are treating each other.  Life has never been perfect but those of us who have reached “Crone Status” remember a time when:

Families would go to church together, Children had respect for parents, Parents earned that respect, Quality time was more important than “stuff” in the toy box or closet, we all looked each other in the eye when we were fact to face.  

I remember enjoying seeing children playing outside all the time.  Movies, TV and play time had to be earned.  No one was ever allowed to be distracted at the family table.  We were there to interact with one another….like it or not!  

The hectic and modern day world has made it almost impossible for this simpler, more real lifestyle.  Nothing happens unless scheduled. All time is spent working around family time. Our family and home no longer has the meaning it once did.  

We are focusing more on people and stuff.  People who tell us to want more stuff, people who tell us if we don’t have stuff our world is lacking and we are failures. Our hearts no longer focus on what is good and right for our lives and world.  

Parenting had become an inconvenience for many and not a privilege.  We now hog tie the educational system/teachers.  The liberals own the media and minds of our youth.  The conservatives are considered an abhorrence.  There is no happy medium.  Buddha always maintained that enlightenment was only found in the middle ground.  I think he was on to something.  

Let the children learn. Teach them all of the ways… and let them feel the wave of excitement that comes with making up their own minds without violence or criticism.  Guide them in the ways of goodness and love and let their hearts ring true to that guidance.  If we do not, the current chaos and terror in our world is only the beginning.  I’m an old fashioned back to the basics kind of Crone.  

I like my computers, phones and notebooks, but I take media breaks regularly.  I use that time to reflect, send good energy to my family and friends, meditate, meditate and meditate some more.  I’m by no means perfect, but I do try to keep focused on a more gentle, simple way.   I know this is a better way than what the advertising magnates and media want us to focus on instead.  I’m just cranky enough to let that piss me off and make me rebel against those head games.  My intention is to arrive at something that makes my output a more favorable vibration to my world, in which we are all one. 

Namaste, The Queen Cronista

Diva Rambling…The Road Less Traveled…


I never thought in my lifetime that “the road less traveled” would stray so far from the thoughts in the book by the same name, as to become a reference to reprobate behavior.  Theodore Roosevelt once spoke to the need for the “Strenuous Life”.  I was reminded of this as I printed a students paper on the same.  

Today we are only allowed to think in terms of “easy living” a life less stressful, according to “Hollyweird” and all that it pontificates.  Give money to a problem and walk away screaming at the top of our lungs, how unfair all of life is and no one should ever have to work for anything!!!!  Seriously, where would this great nation be if that had happened along the way?  Hello! This great nation would not even exist if that had been the attitude of our founding families and the pioneers.  

If the bad judgment and penchant of modern generations for laziness, idleness, wastefulness, and greed had been present in mass in the early years of our nation, freedom, democracy, and entrepreneurship would NOT exist. 

The Zen masters and Buddha himself tell us to live in the now and make each moment matter.  They do not mean sit on your dead asses and wait, like over-entitled prats, for it all to come to you.  One must make the moments count by industriously putting one’s God given talents to use each moment of the day.   A practiced and focused work-life is the answer to one’s immediate and future needs. 

I’m sure Buddha would have put it more eloquently but not kinder…in other words… get off your lazy ass and make it happen!  It won’t always be easier or gentler, but an honest effort is always rewarded.  Don’t make the Karma Cops show you what happens if you don’t walk the good road less traveled.  

The Crones wish you Good Karma everyday as you travel the right way….


The Queen Cronista

Diva Rambling: Spirit Dumpster….


I have been feeling like my spirit is hanging out in a dumpster lately. Our spirit guides us, comforts us, keeps us from veering too far off our path.  But on rare occasions,  I feel like I don’t have access to the joy, serenity, and peace that comes with listening to it.  Can you relate? 

I know that I should be grateful, honor my special place in the Universe and meditate to keep the engine running in the right direction. I am supposed to maintain my true calling of Spiritual Altruism and a Peaceful Warrior. However, sometimes I feel like my spirit is hiding in a dirty dumpster and I can’t see the world for the garbage around me.  Ever get that way? 

You know, you walk into a room or mall filled with people buzzing all about and notice your spirit only feels disgust, irritation, censorious and  stifled.  You want to look at the world through good discerning rose colored glasses but just can’t!!  Anything anyone does just makes matters worse and you just want to slap them or put duct tape on their mouths….if you say you don’t know what I mean; you’re lying.  

So what is the cure for this social dismemberment? Meditation!  Up the time spent on meditating, away from the morass.  Remember how much joy it brings you when you see a new flower blooming,  a pet’s tail wagging, a child or grandchild cooing when they see you or just watching a creek flow by you.  Remember some joyful trigger that puts a smile on on your face. Suddenly you are headed back into the light.  You must ….fake it until you make it!… as they say.  

Anyway, I find my social dismemberment has been acute this summer.  I’ll analyze the reasons later.  Now it is  my job to just get back into the light of benevolent altruism to be that Peaceful Warrior.  And what is altruism anyway,  you may ask.  Psychologists might tell us that there are at least two kinds of altruism. Psychological altruism means acting out of concern for the well-being of others, without regard to your own self-interest. Biological altruism refers to behavior that helps the survival of a species without benefiting the particular individual who’s being altruistic.  It is one of the basic rules for survival and balance in our world.  

Get out of the dumpster as soon as you know you’ve fallen into it.  The longer you stay the more apt you are to deteriorate and become compost for the dark force. Don’t be that someone who fuels negativity into the World instead of fighting like the spiritual warriors we are meant to be on this planet.  Don’t let the rest of us down. Be all you are destined to be and start today. Namaste, The Queen Cronista

Diva Rambling: Brush Strokes of Our Lives…


“My life is but a canvas showing all the colors and brush strokes of my decisions.” The Queen of the Cosmos: a/k/a The Queen Cronista

I had this thought after a particularly eventful meditation a few weeks ago.  I realized, that with time, I corrected some of the splotches and made my canvas the beautiful art form it is today.  Here is wishing that you are able to make the strokes  for your painting to become all it is meant to be.  Namaste, The Queen Cronista


Diva Rambling…. One More Thing!


My daughter is a stand up comedian.  You may remember on occasion that I highly recommend laughter as the best medicine.  Well, as it happens her “Country” comedy troop is going to be at several locations in the South this summer.  I recommend first hand comedy to cure what ails you.  If not Trish and the Country Cool Chicklets then any comedy club nearby.


COUNTRY COOL is a straight-shootin’, no-holds-barred comedy show that laughs at what we’re all dealin’ with…the “this can’t really be happening” moments in life that make us feel like we’re losing our minds, one traffic jam at a time. Trish Suhr, Karen Mills and Leanne Morgan, all headlining comedians, have southern roots but are well-traveled, diverse, razor sharp and savvy. Their no-nonsense approach “tells it like it is” but, of course, with charm and style.  It’s not redneck; it’s not white trash — these girls are country cool!  It’s comedy for the masses, because, let’s face it, everybody’s got a little country in ‘em. These three women have been friends for more than a decade and have stood in it, walked through it and come out the other side laughing. Whether it’s overcoming cancer, the loss of a beloved pet or talking each other down from the hormonal ledge, they continue to find the humor in everything life dishes out.

Diva Musing: Family and the 4th of July….


I remember one of my most fun times of the year were national holiday celebrations.  We had one of those ” Great Dads” who took us to the lake or had a picnic at home in the back yard.  He’d pull out his latest meat smoker, grille or whatever contraption the occasion called for that moment. 

Everybody had a job to help.  Dad was NOT, I repeat NOT a great chef!  However, nothing has ever tasted better than his picnics; prepared with love, humor and his usual condiment of sarcasm at someones expense.  

Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day….those were his days to shine and dole out the fun. And they were always fun.  No group was too large for him to entertain.  The more the merrier and thank God for paper plates and plastic utensils.  We didn’t have a dishwasher in those days; except me.  As the oldest of 5 I always had dishpan hands.  The air smelled glorious with the smoking of the grille, the food tasted 5 star, and the fun was mandatory.  

Gone are the simpler days that our children don’t get to enjoy as much. However, props to the parents like my son and daughter-in-law who always keep the IPhones away, the distractions away.  They play with grandma and their children like true families are supposed to do.  I look forward to the drive in movie, set up on the deck outside under the stars, with a larger than life screen and popcorn. I can’t wait to ride the train at the zoo with the little ones and watch them splash in the fountains there too.  

I urge you to make holiday memories, if you are not already doing so.  Have a picnic at home or the park, watch a movie under the stars, take a trip to the local zoo or planetarium.  Lay about some glow in the dark pebbles and have a night time Fairy Scavenger hunt and a magical dessert fest as a wrap up. Surrounded by glowing Fairy pebbles, of course.  

And to all of our military families having to face time with Dad or Mom overseas, let them see the joy going on, because they fight for our freedom each day.  We send you love, light and laughter this holiday.  Namaste, The Queen Cronista

Diva Rambling: Gossip Cures…


I truly am on a kick to be a better Cronista!  However this morning I woke up and wanted to kick something.  Then I hugged my puppy who had been up all night chewing up the house and I felt better.  Then the day started ;~)  I wanted to rant about all the disorganized, non-visionary, unsympathetic, slanderous cows around me….STOP!!! RESET!!! Now I am at work and needing the tips below…Love to all….Namaste, The Queen Cronista

6 Steps to Recover From a Gossip Addiction

Here are some tips by Sarah Wilkins for monitoring and controlling your tendency to talk negatively about others.

1. Pick a gossip buddy.

One spiritual teacher suggests that you confine your gossiping to one or two people, perhaps your best friend, spouse, or significant other. If you have a designated gossip buddy, it’s much easier to practice restraint with the other people in your life. Choose someone who can keep secrets and who will support you in your desire to be more conscious of what you say.

2. Catch yourself.

Learn to notice when you’re about to make a snarky remark, and stop yourself before you do. If one slips out, apologize.

3. Notice the aftertaste.

Become aware of what it feels like after you gossip. It will be different for everyone, but for me the aftertaste of gossip feels like anxiety (tight shoulders, tight stomach) and what I can only describe as a worried, slightly sinking feeling that comes from sensing I might have said something I’ll regret. Note where you feel the tension in your own body the next time you engage in a gossip fest.

4. Just say no.

Turn down invitations to pick others apart. Try changing the subject when a friend wants to have a bad-mouthing session. Ask them (tactfully) to talk about something else, and tell them that you’re trying to break yourself of the negative gossip habit. You’ll find that many people will actually thank you.

5. Don’t rush to judgment.

When someone confides a piece of gossipy information about someone else, question it. Check the source. Don’t believe something unless you have clear proof—and the fact that a whole lot of people are saying something does not constitute clear proof.

6. Try a one-day gossip fast.

Decide that for one whole day you won’t talk about other people. Then, notice when that’s especially difficult. Observe what feelings prompt you to share news about someone or repeat something you’ve heard. Does your desire to gossip come from a feeling of emptiness or boredom? Does it come from a desire for intimacy with the person you’re talking to? What happens inside you when you deny the urge? How do you feel when you’ve gone through a whole conversation without once saying, Have you heard?

Sally Kempton is an internationally recognized teacher of meditationand yogic philosophy and the author of Meditation for the Heart of It.