Diva Rambling: What Will God Say….

What will God say to you when you get to Heaven?

The conversation might go something like this…..

I planned every moment of your life even before the Earth began. I knew how much time you would need to get everything I planned for you done. I protected you and saw to it you had the courage and fortitude to do it all, even in hard times. All you had to do was listen and obey.

I gifted you with good friends and family. I gifted you with My own Spirit to help guide the way. I placed just enough tribulation into it to see if you could discipline and persevere. I listened each day to see if you raised your voice in praise and gratitude for all that was given. I even sent angels to guide those around you as well. Now, lets chat. What did you do to live up to your expectations? “

Remember, Divas, at the end of each day there is only the everlasting Spirit in each of us to live on. Where will your spirit dwell for all time? Think, do, pray and give thanks each day. Only you can hedge your bet for eternity….!!!

Namaste, The Queen Cronista


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