Diva Ranting: Women of the World…

Woman of the World…

We are women of worth. Do not think of us as an object. We are not to be run through the filters of patriarchal ad campaigns. We are extraordinary women who make the world a better place.

We fight silent battles every day that would bring many a warrior to their knees. We are more courageous than frail. We are more capable of rising above the fray than most humans.

We wear an invisible crown of glory as we do not need to flaunt our gifts. Our hearts are boundless and we keep the collective conscious vibrating on keel with our energies. We are women who know the value of loyalty, love, honesty, and above all trust

We do not need a man to complete us, but we know, and care for, a good man when we find one. We are as fierce as mother tigers defending our young and our family. We multitask better than humanly possible and we nurture better than Mother Nature herself. And we do these things, not because we have to, but because we want to.

The best thing for you to remember when dealing with us is the old saying….”That which does not kill us had better start running”!!!!!!!!!!

Namaste, The Queen Cronista


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