Diva Musing: What is Your Color?

What’s Your Color?

If someone asked you something subjective like what their favorite color should be, what would you reply? It is not our place to choose. One must follow the vibration within their very soul to know what is right for them. They must learn to listen to the voice within.

Tell them… listen to your spirit. It will tell you. We actually may need to follow the vibration of different colors on any given day. If we are having problems of the heart…green might be that color. If we are having issues with boundaries (ours or others) yellow may the color of the day. As long as you feel good about any choice on any given day….that is your answer.

No one ever, not even for a second, has the right answer for you except your own spirit. You are your very own best teacher. Listen and go with your soul’s advice. You’ll get better as you practice.


The Queen Cronista


About CroneUno

We are delicious, juicy old crones who have earned their stripes. We are friends over time and space who decided to give back all the delicious information that at the Universe has given us. Some the wisdom of the ages and some from our stupid foibles. The purpose of our site is to share time wizened stories, recipes (some healthy; some not so much), holistic care and supplements from nature's storehouse, and humor...always humor. We want you to laugh with us, share with us, and enjoy the journey with us, whatever it may bring. Namaste
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