Diva Musing: Meditation….


To do meditation, make yourself hollow and empty first.  First you must become hollow and empty like an empty box. Then you will see that the peace of the Divine will flow through you.

This is why we seek enlightenment. So in this way, we go on negating and rejecting every limited understanding of God, until we finally realized that everything is One Consciousness, and there is nothing beyond it. We are all connected. We contribute to the One Consciousness in every moment.

God is not a person or some limited thing, He is the Supreme power behind everything in His creation. God is the harmony directing this entire Creation. But to be able to recognize and listen to His direction, you first need to become hollow and empty (meaning to drop one’s limited concepts, small desires and understanding).

This is why it is necessary to experience and become aware of that emptiness first. Only then will you be able to experience the totality of the Divine. Only then will you find your inner peace.

Namaste, The Queen Cronista


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