Diva Rambling: Thoughts and Health…

Want to learn to tell fortunes…don’t laugh! Its all there if you listen. Remember I always say form follows thoughts? Well, then when the thoughts come out in words the Universe responds to them with gusto. The Genie fills your command (thoughts) every-time. So be careful your words are wishes to your Genie (subconscious).

Listen to your friends and family in conversation. What are they telling their Genie in the bottle? Then watch the words manifest in some form in their lives. It works all the time. Most of the sick people I know are that way because all they focus on is what they DON’T want….sickness!

Don’t want the flu this season. Focus on wellness, take your supplements, think spring and swimming and walking in perfect health. Feel the sun on your face and absorb the Vitamin D and other nutrients from nature. Don’t be a gloomy Gus. People don’t want to hear it, and those who practice joy and wellness won’t listen anyway. Be you own best medicine. Oh, and laugh, laugh, laugh; a lot. Luv You, Divas.


The Queen Cronista


About CroneUno

We are delicious, juicy old crones who have earned their stripes. We are friends over time and space who decided to give back all the delicious information that at the Universe has given us. Some the wisdom of the ages and some from our stupid foibles. The purpose of our site is to share time wizened stories, recipes (some healthy; some not so much), holistic care and supplements from nature's storehouse, and humor...always humor. We want you to laugh with us, share with us, and enjoy the journey with us, whatever it may bring. Namaste
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