Diva Rambling: Your Karma Bank Account…

Your Karma Bank Account…

I hate arrogance. If you are focusing on this type of person today for a reason that has triggered this emotion, then meditate for 20 minutes and see if you don’t feel better.

If you feel that others are arrogant the Universe has sent them to you for a reason. We draw in the energy we focus on each day. “Form follows thought….”. Have patience, control the emotion. Say to yourself: “I patiently keep waiting.” They have been sent to you because out there in the Universe they would created problems and so much pain to so many. At least here they are allowing you an exercise to practice the concept to…. accept people as they are.

Spiritual people are everyday, normal people in the world. We are all one but different. We each bring the brilliant energy of our higher self to better the world. If we do not remain in our higher conscience the be hurt ourselves and the Universe.

Your expectations of spiritual people is more because we think they are blessed with knowledge, and they serve people. Our expectations are much higher because we see that they are content and knowledgeable. That is correct! But you start from where you are in the moment, you do have the patience to accept everybody with the focused practice of doing so.

People ask the question, ‘Why has the world made such people teachers? People who are so arrogant, who are so angry? I tell them that the Universe has a plan for all types of people. We must the have patience to all humans grow. That is how spirituality grows. Do not seek perfection. It does not exist. It will only lead to disappointment. Have patience with yourself and others and continue to meditate.

It is like a workplace. We cannot expect each person to perform as the other. We can expect the personal best of each for the paycheck they take home. Therefore, accepting the diversity of each that make up the whole (team) creates a more enjoyable workplace. Let your Karma bank account enjoy the savings of the energy and contentment that this acceptance brings. As you assist others to grow to their next level, your Karma Bank Account grows as well.


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