Diva Musing: Your Song of Joy….

I listened to a sermon last night asking what was my song of Joy!  What a good thought!  So many wake up each day and we grumble through our 24 hours without noticing the music of wonder and joy all around us.  How much more glorious and peaceful a world we would live in if we only stopped to feel the Songs of Joy each and every moment of the day.

Yesterday was like spring after a sub-zero winter streak we’ve experienced all over the country.  The sun was warm on the face, the sky was a particular robins egg blue and birds were chirping their praise to the Universe for such a glorious day.  If we only experienced the one thing each day that brings wonder and joy then the rest would fall by the wayside like dead leaves in the wind. 

Even dead leaves can be celebrated now that I think of it.  They serve as a natural mulch to hold moisture and create a brilliant carpet of wild blooms in springtime. This year I am even trying to find a song of joy in all the idiots who piss me off and act like reprobates.  I haven’t quite worked out how I will sing that song yet myself…but we can bet there is good Karma in it, if we can do it…LOL!

So my challenge, Divas, is find your song of Joy each day and sing it to the rafters and beyond.  Benefits…you will feel great, make good Karma, and improve your health all in one sweet song.  


The Queen Cronista


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