Diva Musing: Post Par-tum Holidays…

For those who have had children or anyone who struggles with the winter blues, the time after the holidays can bring on misgivings about the happiness factor.  Divas, we shall not be overcome!

We all have something to bring us out of the doldrums and to be thankful for each day.  Find those, focus on those, celebrate those! Whether it be grandchildren, children, pets, good friends, health, good humor or trips of joyful expectation. 

With all the bad weather I was blessed to spend time with about 25 delightful family members and their children; grandchildren.  No drama, no dissent, no unholiday spirits anywhere in sight. What a joy, what a pleasure.  Then my traveling comic daughter was in a venue close to home and a bunch of us went to see them. Blessings on top of blessings.  It’s all in how we choose to look at things.  

I know that some family times are tantamount to sliding down a nine foot razor-blade into a pool of alcohol.  However, we can sit back and watch and enjoy as others do drama and choose not to, therefore, increasing the humor factor and keeping our peace.  

Choose wisely in 2018.  It is going to be a very good year.  You have it on promise of The Queen Cronista!!!!!!



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