Diva Musing: Bullies….

If someone insults you, criticizes you, remember, “what others think of you is none of your business”….How much harm can they actually do? Remember that with bullies you are usually doing a battle of wits with an unarmed person. Don’t sink to their level. They are then robbing you of this moment. They win.

Allow them go ahead and bully as much as they can. When it happens, tell them, “Do your best, I will not change no matter how much you attack.” Face all challenges with courage, be strong, be the wonderful you that the Universe created you to be. Stand tall, look in the eye of a bully and what the fear in their eyes. They know you’ve found them out and they will label themselves for the miscreant they are choosing to be.

Respond to crudeness with a smile. Turn and walk away, standing tall and strong. A person of true patience and courage is one who can respond to any insult or criticism with an unshakeable smile and knowledge that you do not fail yourself by falling prey to the miscreant. Although as a strong Diva myself I hold the thought that ….”what doesn’t kill me better start running…” that is what puts the smile on my face. I know that when Karma catches up with these people it is big pay back and not for me to choose. At the Karma Cafe one always gets served what one deserves. That takes a large load off of your shoulders and let’s you enjoy each moment; as it should be.

I firmly believe that the sign of an intelligent person is one who can respond to taunts and criticism with humor and wit. Anger and hatred poison the soul. The soul deserves better.

Enjoy the moment. Turn your back on bad Karma and feel the blessings and rewards to come to you instead.


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