Diva Rambling: Holiday Cheer….

The other night I attended a Holiday Performance.  I was all alone in a huge crowd.  This was a crowd where I was supposed to know people.  Everyone was so caught up in rushing about and getting out of the parking lot no one even spoke to me.  I smiled and nodded to many and got nothing in return.   I wondered if there were others there, lonely and in need of at least a greeting?  I’m a lone wolf, it doesn’t bother me.  However, my heart ached at the thought of all that supposed Christmas Cheer, and that there were those there alone, lonely and in need of a smile. 

To some people your greeting, and a smile with eye contact, is the only blessing they may get in their day.  I encourage each of us this Holiday Season, to tune in, turn on the radar and engage others with our warmth and kindness.  The season is rough on everyone, but on some it is devastating because they may be alone, in grief, homeless or worse.  It costs nothing to light the light the Universe put in your soul.  Give it graciously, you will make a difference in lives.   

Namaste, The Queen Cronista


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