Diva Musing: All About Giving….

I’ve always supported charities in any way I can.  One that I now use is Amazon Smile.  I live in a rural community where I must shop online for almost everything.  You must google Smile Amazon to sign up.  Pick your charity and boom your’re done.  
You’ll be surprised at how your purchases add up.  It shows at the top of your account every-time you open if on Amazon Smile.  It gives me another way to support my community.  I support a local food bank and school here in my depressed Appalachian area.  It is one of the few charities I support that is run by 100 percent volunteer efforts and 100 percent of the money goes back into our community.  Always research your charities as many that I worked for, in over 8 states, have about 80 percent go to operations and high CEO salaries. I contribute to the one that have the most go to the people in need.  
I get nothing for recommending this website except hope that you will begin to give in this way or any way possible.  It is all about giving back to the Crones….Happiest of Holiday Season.  Namaste, The Queen Cronista


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