Diva Rambling: Little Things….

I am one of those people who is so grateful for the little things.  I’m not one of those warm, fuzzy types who make people want to do nice things for me.  I’m a “buck it up; walk it off” kinda diva.  However, even those of us who are lone wolves and walk the path alone appreciate each and every act of kindness shown us.  So few people do the little things in our world anymore.  

I notice at Christmas, so many folks are doing things to show others they notice them and care about them.  It is a wonderful thing. Take it from someone who is invisible in the world, it means so much to so many when you show them they are important in the existence of the Universe.  You cannot imagine the good you do.  It shows on their faces and they glow from within.  

I don’t believe it should be limited to the holiday seasons. It should be a part of our daily Karma all year long.  Easier said than done in this chaos infested world.  But, to those of you I get to see doing it….rock on! May your blessings be many.

Namaste, The Queen Cronista


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