Diva Ranting: Grandchildren….

I muse today about the joys of being a grandparent.  However, in this depressed area, I look around and see so many children being raised by grandparents because our society had made it acceptable to let breeding babies become a source of income, and reason for unemployment.  In our depressed area of Appalachia it is the norm not the exception. Lame excuses for taking drugs instead of working is the daily mantra. I live in a county of orphans.  Grandparents who are elder and often in-firmed trying to do the right thing by the crack babies that have no one to care for them.  Our churches and non-profits can only do so much to put band aids on this situation.

All of the charities, angel trees and toys for tots efforts do not change the circumstance once the holidays are over.  Write to your legislature, in every place on Earth,  and demand an overhaul of the systems that not only supports this behavior (for the last 6 generations), but encourages it by grants and state jobs for those who would not see an end to it for reasons of greed and corruption.  

Apathy is killing our societies globally. Care enough about your grandchildren to try and make a difference by demanding better systems that you pay for with your taxes.  

Namaste, The Queen Cronista


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