Ranting: Take a Stand….

Today I was forced, once again, to take a stand on something that should not even be an issue.  Refusing to fall prey to manipulative people is something I cannot back down and roll over to…EVER!  I am especially passionate about it when the manipulator is manipulating a superior (ever read the fairy tale “The Emperor Has No Clothes”?) the ruler who  calls you onto the hot seat because you took a stand against someone who openly bullies others and manipulates others adults with a “sad bunny routine!!!!” Hell to the NO!

I went to school with a bunch of these “mean girls”.  They never picked on me; they knew better.  They knew I would not tolerate it…. even today…I sure don’t.  Actually it is usually their helicopter moms who should be bitch slapped as well. Letting these little over-entitled brats think they are all that and a bag of chips is their fault as well.  The acorn rarely falls far from the tree. 

If you have a child that is being bullied…go to the source and stand ground for them.  A restraining order is a good tool if it is really bad  (include the parents of the brat as well).  I’m not into bullying or aggressiveness ever….unless it is needed to protect the innocent.  I will take a stand against bullies, outright rudeness and bad manners (another form of bullying), anytime I see it.  I can go there in a heartbeat, Sisters.  The Good Lord failed to grace me with the good sense to be afraid of almost anything.  It is easier for me to stand ground than some, but when it is the right thing; it is a must.

Give the gift of standing ground to someone for the Holidays so everyone can enjoy them in joy and good health.  Namaste, The Queen Cronista…


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