Diva Ranting: Scrooge…

I was out and about the other day and I hear a man railing at a clerk in a store.  He was complaining about everything.  You know, one of those people whose assets are always stuck so far up their own ass they can’t see the light of day.  Someone in dire need of an “analeyerectomy”…(the need for the surgery to remove the connection of their eyes to their assholes for a better outlook on life!!)  He stepped in front of a line of others who had been waiting awhile. 
I yelled…” Hey, Sparky, those people were in front of you and you didn’t even ask to break line.  Get back here where you belong or I’ll get the manager to close this line and we can just wait together.  It won’t be a pleasant wait!  People in the line were smiling and the clerk just looked at him.  He asked me who I thought I was.  I said…”I am the Queen of the Cosmos, patiently waiting my place in line.” “Now get back here and let the young woman to do her job.  There is no place you have to be that is  more important than these people…. And unless you can produce the memo, (that none of us got by the way), that shows it’s all about you today ….it follows, therefore, that it is NOT all about you today!
He shut up, and got behind me.  He pouted the whole time but stood there. Several folks and the clerk thanked me.  It’s not just about the holidays, it is about our need for respect to each other, all day, everyday.  I hate drama and a big scene.  However, I will not let bullies dump on people in my face.  I’m sure some crazed terrorist nutcase will call me on it someday.  Just know, that if you do, I will let you remember for the rest of your life, I was there, and I will be buried with some of your body parts.  
A Diva with a cause is a formidable thing! BULLIES BEWARE!!!
Namaste, The Queen Cronista  



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