Diva Ranting: The Truth!!!

Have you ever had someone beat a dead horse with you to the extent that you
consider that sliding down a 10 foot razor-blade into a pool of alcohol
would be better than listening to it again, and again?

When confronted by a friend or family member who stays at it…try to
remember they probably have something stressful going on and you are the
one person they can beat to death and feel secure that no one will think
less of them. Be of good cheer, go to your prayer closet and meditate with
fervor. Send good vibration to the situation and the world. You are a
child of light dear Divas. Your light and vibration is what helps heal
the weary world and these people who attack in sheep clothing. The Truth will out.
Rise above and shine.

Namaste, The Queen Cronista


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