Diva Ranting: Consequences…

I told my children that when they hit age 16 that they would have to live with the consequences of their decisions for the rest of their lives.  No excuses; When you play you must pay.  I think our chaotic world has flushed this concept.  We now live in a “what have you done for me lately, you owe me,” victim, society.  
Buck it up Buttercup is one of my favorite terms these days…  Always has been.  My children use to tell the school nurse when they played sick.  Don’t bother to call mom if we aren’t bleeding from a major orifice! I mean really, suck it up and go on.  Our country was built on that philosophy, not this my feelings are hurt, I need a time out Bull S#$#T! 
I was meditating on tough spirits the other day and this little saying came to me…..  “As human beings, we own each of our decisions and actions. We also own the consequences.” 
…The Queen Of The Cosmos
Build a better world.  Don’t keep draining the Universe of resources.  Give something back and don’t spend your days being a piece of whining, spineless, Milk-toast! GIVE daily, GIVE often.

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