Diva Musing- Intent

In·tent\ inˈtent/

noun:   intention or purpose.   “with alarm she realized his intent”

It is with intent that we choose right from wrong.  It is with intent that we choose bad over good,  it is with intent choose compassion over mean spirited-ness.  Remember, whatever choice we make there is an ultimate price to be paid.  

In a chaos filled Universe I still dream that we all learn to make better choices, right choices, choices that fill the well of human existence with water that is compiled of pure energy and light.  When I loose it, like I sometimes do, I immediately try to do something to cancel the bad energy I put out.  If my intent for loosing it was to set a right wrong, then I pray my intent was received in the spirit it was sent.  

Our best spiritual path is often strewn with idiots and bullies.  While I immediately want to hate them I try to shift my energy so theirs will do the same.  When that doesn’t work then the full force of the Diva is released with intent to right a wrong, and that as they say, is their fair warning.  The wisdom of my years still does not let me tolerate it when I see bullies riding over others with whip or tongue.  I’m equally proficient with either and I will take you down.  It still hurts when I see innocents bullied and for my response with intent I will never apologize. 

Namaste, The Queen Cronista



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