Diva Ranting: Good Manners….

I do try to stay on a positive note as often as possible.  However, today the scale tipped big time.  I always try to say a cheerful good morning to the teens as they enter the building.  Some reply and some ignore.  However, when you meet one face to face often and they turn to the wall every time to ignore you (in a 4 foot wide hall) …rude, rude, rude!  Practically spitting in teachers and principle’s faces is beneath contempt.  I myself will not tolerate the “hollyweird” princesses who think they are entitled over the rest of the students and lord that fact over their peers heads.  

We all had them in school…the mean girls who thought everyone but them was ugly.  However, these are the caretakers of the future.  The ones who will either care for our world and its inhabitants or destroy it.  We live in a time when the over entitled masses are the majority and the state of the world is showing it.  Parents, teach your children manners. Politeness to elders, peers and those in authority is necessary to provide a mainstay of our society.  I rarely see a young lad open a door for anyone anymore.  When I do I complement and thank him and his parents.  

In our keeping up with the Krapasshshun world it has somehow become OK to be a rude, thoughtless, snot!  NOT!!!!! If one of my children had ever exhibited that behavior in public I would have turned them over to the juvenile authorities and let them be a problem for the state to handle.  

I salute those parents of the kind, caring and helpful young people I see in the minority.  You as well as your children are a credit to your families and our society.  I pray than can overcome the rude majority of their peers and continue to make the world some kind of place we want to live in for the future.  

To the parents of the brats, you deserve who you get to care for you in your old age!!!


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