Diva Musing: Our Youth…

We hear complaints about our young people all of the time.  I stay in touch with the best and brightest that I’ve taught all the time.  This summer I was blessed to be part of a group that met every other week this summer to discuss life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness; while allowing others to do the same.  Our satirical name was “Misanthrope Club.”

We’d talk about their classes, their thoughts on current events, hopes for the future and a plethora of other topics as they arose.  No fights, no drawing lines in the sand, no pooh-poohing the others comments….except humorously (as friends often do).

Venting with humor is a good release of tension. Try it.  Anyway, today I was blessed to receive poetry from a young friend who is becoming published often.  These poems were from her time spent helping a group called “Art in Prison”.  Very poignant stuff. That alone will give me food to philosophize on all evening.  

Get to know some of your local young people, if you don’t already.  They are brilliant, creative, humorous (a Queenly requirement), and just plain knowledgeable. If more were like these folks our future would feel secure.  It shows how good upbringing and rules can have a positive impact on all generations…yes, even these days.  I salute my Misanthrope Club and look forward to our next meeting of minds.  


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