Diva Ranting: Changes….

The whole World is changing and all the powers that be… left and right… keep pointing fingers instead of accepting responsibility.  They want all of the power and none of the responsibility.  We actually live in a world that is much not different than when the Nazis were trying to get the world to look like their Third Reich vision of an Aryan nation. We are experiencing weather disaster after another, 2300 earthquakes in Yosemite’s underground volcano this week (I have not done any research to see if scientists think the underground nuclear explosion set off by the North Korean Krazy is an aftershock residual or not). 

Each partisan group wants the other to change to their view of exclusivity. You are no longer allowed to believe and function in any way but their way.  If you asked any of these partisan over-activists what they think of others the reply is usually vulgar, exclusive over entitlement, and narrow-minded.  They do this while waving flags of equality and justice for all….HELLO, People…wake up.  

There is so much of what’s good in the world showing up in Houston.  All nations coming to the aid of one of the world’s greatest natural disasters.  The hawkers and crooks are there as well, but overall the spirit of compassion and giving is thankfully showing up most of all.   That and only that should be our focus.  Celebrate that, support that, be passionate about that.  Donate, make a difference and above all send all of the good energy you can muster up in your prayers and meditations to these people And to all of the suffering worldwide in these days of chaos.  That is how each of us individually can make a difference.  

In gratitude, The Queen Cronista 


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