Diva Rambling: Rainbows and Gratitude…

Last Friday my nephew and his wife held a special celebration in their back yard for me.  Just a few family members attended.  Between raindrops throughout the day,  we made the best of the backyard event as we could.  It was such a wonderful event!  

The best part was, that as soon as we began to pack up and head indoors…I was blessed with an even better surprise!  The Universe placed the most beautiful double rainbow over the backyard to say good bye and affirm the family event.  One Cannot ask for more than that.   We were all amazed and warmed by this affirmation.

The whole family, in attendance, went for BBQ (the last of summer) and enjoyed the wrap up to a wonderful time.  My baby brother was able to get away and make it doubly special.  My heart is still filled with gratitude to the whole family who made it special…

My wish is for double rainbows for you as you celebrate life in a chaotic world. Namaste, The Queen Cronista


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