Diva Rambling: Joyful Day….

My great niece and best sidekick Elizabeth text me this morning with bedhead, wake-up pictures, demanding my presence to take her to breakfast (one of my favorite things).  We dined, checked on my dogs and she has abandoned me for better things.  LOL!! 

My point is…. this is one of the things that makes me happy every day when it happens.  Give some thought today to those things like Elizabeth that make you so happy.  Make a list.  When you are feeling down use that list as a trigger to take your mind to happy times and smiles.  With practice you don’t have to let the rain, winter or any other gloomy Gus event take you down (it does take practice for some).  But joy feels much better than gloom and doom.  So…if you can, choose this little trigger trick and see if it works for you!  I wish you happy thoughts.  


The Queen Cronista


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