Diva Rambling: Simple Things…

Is it just me?… or does a new picture of your family sitting on your desk or shelf just make you want to do a dance of joy?  Why do people want to gather “stuff” when something like this.  makes you feel so wonderful?  

We’ve forgotten how to be grateful for the simple things.  Simple things have always made me joyful since childhood.  Finding a lady slipper in the wood on one of my adventures, the raven who followed and protected me in that wood.  The glory of God in a mountain, river, or ocean sunset.  My baby sister smiling at me in her crib and a  really good pot of beans and greens with cornbread for dinner.  

Where has our focus on these joys gone? Why do we loose sight of these things.  Modern children have never even known such joyful treats.  I saw a quote at on TV the other day …”At the Zen school we have nothing to offer you; that is why it is Zen!”  The only way I can survive this current world is to focus on the emptying my world of “stuff” and chaos and releasing myself to the joys of yesteryear.  It calms me and makes me feel rich.  

The Queen Cronista recommends that you clear you mind; sweep all the dust bunnies from your attic today and feel the peace of times gone by.  If you are too young to know these feelings then take a walk in nature.  Put your chakras back against a tree and give a big hug (yes seriously).  All of nature vibrates at Alpha, the state we achieve in meditation.  A walk in nature will calm and relax you and let the good stuff run through you.  I wish you the peace of nature today, my Divas.


The Queen Cronista


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