Diva Musing: Grandchildren….

In order to have wonderful grandchildren one must have great parents raising them.  My hats off, once again, to my amazing daughter from another mister, Jenni and my son David, who is often gone… serving our country for the last 20 years.  They are raising God fearing children with discipline and respect for their world and everyone in it.  

They are accustomed to family dinner at the table every night… no matter how busy mom and dad have been.  They say grace before meals and bedtime.  They are supposed to play nice and share. However, we all know how that goes with a 2 year old and a 4 year old brothers!!!  They are regularly exposed to Zoo, Art, an organic garden in the back yard, as well as active, structured playtime and downtime.  TV and Video are limited and educational. 

Please, do not think I for one second believe they exist in a perfect world.  But their mother works hard to  make sure it is a structured and safe world.  And bless her, a house so clean you can’t tell there are even toddlers and 2 large fur babies in the house.  I never once achieved that with mine.  

My point, pray for blessings for all the parents of our grandchildren. Most especially for military families, who must endure long separations, but still try to create a family atmosphere, in spite of all odds.   They move from place to place to be together and live, love and laugh through hardships. We salute you, we honor you and we pray for each and everyone of you.  


The Queen Cronista


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