Diva Musing: How are you rippling today?

The World in a Dewdrop….

There are those that say you can see the moon and stars while meditating on a dewdrop. All good Divas know it all about perspective anyway. I tend to be a big picture person. That is why I always did well for my teams at management schools. I tend to go by the pebble theory. Toss a pebble into the middle of the pond and watch what it does as it ripples all the way to the shore. Notice what each ripple impacts as it flows to its greatest distance.

Every move you make, every step you take…as the old song goes…impacts the ground, your foot, your body, and now follow it out to its furthest point in a given day, month, year…getting the picture? Every movement of matter has a ripple effect. You need to be aware in each second of the future impact your act, thought, intent makes in the future of the very next second. Quantum theorists study this very carefully.

How will you impact your world today? How will you impact the very Universe itself with your walk through your day? So much of what happens to all of us starts with our very thoughts and ripples from there. “Form Follows Thought”. If you have the thought it will manifest in your world at some point in time; immediately or when the ripple stops. Choose wisely every single second of each day.


The Queen Cronista

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