Diva Musing: Simple Rules for Meditation…

Meditation Rituals

We have lots of rituals for meditation. If you know how to create your own ritual meditation, you can make rituals that are more personalized and fit your own specific aims and goals. Here are a few key things to keep in mind as you create your meditation ritual.

  • A ritual should break through the mechanical doldrums that usually control our lives. It should allow us to take a break from daily life and connect with consciousness, being aware of spirit and who we really are. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.

  • A ritual should connect us with Spirit by quieting the mind or putting one in touch with physical senses. Manifesting what we really want in life is only possible through connection with Spirit.

  • A ritual can help us access the Higher Power which can help with realizing what we should want.

  • A ritual can help us go to a deeper level and remember what we truly want. As we go through our busy lives reacting in mechanical ways to everything around us we are cut off from accessing our spiritual needs. Rituals can take those spiritual aims and bring them into how we interact with and go about daily life.  Rules of the Road Design the meditation ritual in accordance with Universal Laws,  and principles of the four elements. This not only makes the ritual safer, it can enhance it. So for example if the meditation you are creating has to do with gaining knowledge, then incorporating principles of the Universal Law will make the ritual more powerful.
    That’s it. Taking these few simple steps into account when creating your meditation rituals will help make your rituals safer, more powerful, and help you manifest the things you personally want in your life. So be creative, have fun, and start designing your own rituals today.


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