Diva Rambling: Spirit Dumpster….

I have been feeling like my spirit is hanging out in a dumpster lately. Our spirit guides us, comforts us, keeps us from veering too far off our path.  But on rare occasions,  I feel like I don’t have access to the joy, serenity, and peace that comes with listening to it.  Can you relate? 

I know that I should be grateful, honor my special place in the Universe and meditate to keep the engine running in the right direction. I am supposed to maintain my true calling of Spiritual Altruism and a Peaceful Warrior. However, sometimes I feel like my spirit is hiding in a dirty dumpster and I can’t see the world for the garbage around me.  Ever get that way? 

You know, you walk into a room or mall filled with people buzzing all about and notice your spirit only feels disgust, irritation, censorious and  stifled.  You want to look at the world through good discerning rose colored glasses but just can’t!!  Anything anyone does just makes matters worse and you just want to slap them or put duct tape on their mouths….if you say you don’t know what I mean; you’re lying.  

So what is the cure for this social dismemberment? Meditation!  Up the time spent on meditating, away from the morass.  Remember how much joy it brings you when you see a new flower blooming,  a pet’s tail wagging, a child or grandchild cooing when they see you or just watching a creek flow by you.  Remember some joyful trigger that puts a smile on on your face. Suddenly you are headed back into the light.  You must ….fake it until you make it!… as they say.  

Anyway, I find my social dismemberment has been acute this summer.  I’ll analyze the reasons later.  Now it is  my job to just get back into the light of benevolent altruism to be that Peaceful Warrior.  And what is altruism anyway,  you may ask.  Psychologists might tell us that there are at least two kinds of altruism. Psychological altruism means acting out of concern for the well-being of others, without regard to your own self-interest. Biological altruism refers to behavior that helps the survival of a species without benefiting the particular individual who’s being altruistic.  It is one of the basic rules for survival and balance in our world.  

Get out of the dumpster as soon as you know you’ve fallen into it.  The longer you stay the more apt you are to deteriorate and become compost for the dark force. Don’t be that someone who fuels negativity into the World instead of fighting like the spiritual warriors we are meant to be on this planet.  Don’t let the rest of us down. Be all you are destined to be and start today. Namaste, The Queen Cronista


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