Diva Musing: Upset for What?

Is it just me?  Today I find myself upset over being micro-managed…!! It has uselessly eaten up my last two days, when I had very specific goals to achieve at work.  I’m an old crone who VENTS!  However, I am asking myself what I am upset over; really?  

I tried to present and execute a good action plan.  I used experience, research and good common sense to arrive at my final plan.  Then it is overturned by  control freaks who do not ask end users what will work best. They  pull the trigger and cover all situations in the tumbleweed of a disorganized mind.  

Even the Cronista needs to remember …Upset for What?  Is it worth foaming over the negativity caused by the well meaning but over controlling masses?  Hardly.  

I need to take a break, ZEN out and let a good meditation wash off the debris dumped on one by others.  Just thinking about this positive approach has slowed down my heart rate already. It reminds me NOT to let others steal the peace or I am as guilty as they.  I’m off to ZEN out….with love,  

Namaste, The Queen Cronista


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