Diva Musing: Do it Yourself Biopsy …

Today I had a little biopsy.  If my sister from another mister, wasn’t my nurse practitioner, I probably would not have.  However, she is pretty persuasive and since I am encouraging each of you to stay healthy…  I don’t want to be the proverbial …”pot calling the kettle black”!  

But, this all made me think!  When was the last time I did a biopsy on my spirit.  I personally believe that all good health comes from a healthy spirit and a healthy gut.  If you have both of those going for you…you are automatically healthy.  

So in my personal biopsy I realized I have not been taking my raew vinegar shots to keep my system in perfect PH balance, I have not been taking my daily supplements and probiotics that keep the gut thing in check.  Worst of all I’m not meditating and praying as much this summer.  Therefore, I’ve no one to blame if I get poorly!  Same goes for you!

So I’m going to set up a list of those thing I need to do daily, weekly, and monthly to keep it all running smoothly.  I am going to hang it on my mirror, refrigerator and tape one to the remote to remind my forgetful self to be healthier.  What are you going to do for your biopsy?… to make sure you are running in peak spiritual and physical health?  We love you, we want you around reading our crazy dribble every day and we want you healthy while doing it!!! 

As all of our parents have said at one time or another….”Don’t do like I do; Do like I say”! Namaste, The Queen Cronista


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