Diva Musing: Peaceful Warrior…

Several year ago I got hooked on Dan Millman’s books on “The Peaceful Warrior”… Subsequently I completed 2 summers of training in Shamanic Studies and Journeying on the Arizona desert with my Juicy Crone cohort.  We had a blast.  So between the Shamanism and Peaceful Warrior guidance I updated my thoughts on this topic today.  I hope you enjoy….Namaste, The Queen Cronista….


  • The way of the warrior is a philosophy of willpower.

  • The way of the warrior is a philosophy of self-reliance

  • The way of the warrior is to build an indomitable spirit.

  • The way of the warrior is to build an iron will

  • The way of the warrior is to believe you cannot fail in doing anything.

  • A warrior practices consistency and practices constantly.

  • A warrior has a sense of humor and laughs a lot.

  • A warrior lives by acting; not by thinking about acting.

  • To a warrior there are not wins or no losses, he abandons all desire.

  • A warrior does not worry about the past. He uses that only to improve today.

  • A warrior lets go of all obsessions and addictions.

  • A warrior knows that only he is responsible for his acts, decisions and emotions. He Controls.

  • A warrior is never idle and never in a hurry.

  • A warrior power is in his decision; never doubting, never falters or doubts

  • A warrior knows death rides on his left shoulder. If impatient he turns left and may ask advice of death. But a true warrior knows that Spirit is the only true guide he has.

  • A warrior’s motto is see it to the end, with planned action and without doubt or remorse.

  • To be a warrior you need to know a great deal and see the world in a different way.

  • A warrior must always be in balance with his surroundings.

  • A warrior leaves nothing to chance. He does not whine or complain.

  • A warrior stores power. A hunter of power watches all; and everything tells him a secret.

  • A warrior does not kill time. There is no time to waste; killing time weakens you.

  • A warrior pushes himself beyond his limits…at all times.

  • A warrior does not complain or regret anything.

  • A warrior’s life is endless challenges; nether good or bad. Challenges are simply challenges.

  • A warrior conquers fear only by facing it.

  • The way of the Peaceful Warrior is a path through Nature of relating to tides.

  • The way of the Peaceful Warrior is knowing rhythms, tides and the pulse of the Earth.

  • The way of the Peaceful Warrior is experiencing a oneness with all things.

  • A Warrior must learn an endless capacity to improvise.

  • A Warrior accomplishes tasks quickly and with precision; there is no room to be haphazard.

  • A Warrior knows resources, he knows when, where and who and what to use.

  • A Warrior knows all limitations and respects them, he may even use that knowledge to advantage.

  • A Warrior is always alert. He never inattentive

  • A Warrior is always prepared for anything.

  • A Warrior seeks balance in all things continually.

  • A Warrior trusts the Universe and utilizes the source energies.

  • A Warrior knows how to flow with the stream and to utilize that flow.

  • A Warrior knows that in emptiness there is peace and revelation; he meditates often.

  • A Warrior knows that form follows thought and is careful to choose his thoughts wisely.

  • A Warrior maintains focus only in the present moment; he knows that is all there is, always.

  • A Warrior respects the power and abundance of nature and all it’s seasons and rhythms.



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