Diva Rambling: Southern Girls Know….

One thing a Southern Girl knows is how to cook the best dishes in a cast iron skillet.  Many of you may be afraid to try it but here is how to get one ready for tasty cooking.  I use my cast iron dutch oven instead of a slow cooker.  
Image result for cast iron skillet care
What you SHOULD do
  1. Season it when you get it.Even pre-seasoned cast iron can do with some extra protection. To season your pan, heat it up on the stovetop until its smoking hot, then rub a little oil into it and let it cool. …
  2. Clean it after each use. … usually a paper towel and a bit of warm water will do the trick (Never, Never put it in a dishwasher!!!!) 
  3. Re-season it. …a little oil and a paper towel does the trick
  4. Fry, Sear,  and Roast in it. …I bake cornbread and other delicious treats in mine as well.
  5. Don’t let it stay wet.

Other notes and suggested uses we Southern women know as well…

  • They’ve been used for thousands of years
  • No Toxic fumes while you cook
  • It’s non stick
  • Cleans up easy
  • Inexpensive
  • Browns food beautifully
  • Better heat distribution
  • Usable as a grill
  • Usable over a campfire
  • Can cook multiple items at once
  • Boosts your iron intake
  • And a in a pinch it can even be used as a weapon



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