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Bring It On!
The Dalai Lama once said; “your enemy is your greatest teacher.” I have personally changed a lot of unhealthy patterns in my own life using this philosophy. I believe that the Universe sends us / we attract / create “challenges” for the sake of learning and evolving.

I wanted to dive into a variety of different ways we can use this philosophy in our daily lives:

As you pick the “wrong” line in the grocery – instead of getting irritated, isn´t it a good opportunity to train your patience muscle? Stuck in traffic – an opportunity to practice patience and acceptance…Or just simply observe…Breathe! When someone has a behaviour that you don´t resonate with, could that be a good time to practice non-judgement or sending that person some love? Or would practicing detachment be a better alternative?

When someone says “no” to you in some shape or form; is that a brilliant opportunity to train your brain to detach from the situation and integrate the knowing that it is only a two-letter word – it says nothing about you. If you get asked by some friends to go out and party, but you don´t feel like it – instead of making up a story (lie) about why you can´t come – would this be a great opportunity to practice honesty? To be honest and sincere in your response? Maybe you have noticed how easy it is to “make up” an excuse? We think it sounds better than the truth. Or maybe we are afraid of what they will think of us if we just say “today I just don´t feel like it.”. They will think something of you either way. We cannot escape the opinions of others.

Others opinion about you is not your business. Your opinion about you is your business. 

Next time you are in a social setting and someone starts talking negative about other people. Instead of listening, nodding, smiling or involving yourself in this self destructive act; what if this is the perfect moment to set boundaries and tell the truth about what you really feel about talking behind other people´s back? Are you afraid of what they will think of you if you do? Don´t worry, they are already talking about you behind your back. The tendency of people who have that hobby talk about those who are not there. People need to hear the truth.

Next time you blame a circumstance or a person for your negative thoughts and feelings – what would happen if you used these moments as an opportunity to connect to your higher truth; “I am the Master of my thoughts and emotions”. Connect to the warrior within and break your pattern of blaming. Jump up and down. Do push-ups. Put your hands in the air like you are celebrating victoriously and hold them there for one minute. This will definitely create an abrupt change in your vibration! Raise it! Raise your standard of living! Why tolerate anything less than what you really want?

We get what we tolerate” – Anthony Robbins

Next time a person yells at you…Instead of reacting, why not observe. Observe your emotions, your breathing, your thoughts. Take conscious control of them. Let go of the need to react instantly. What if this was a golden opportunity to adopt a really powerful way to handle criticism or any other “negative” situation for that matter; Straighten your back, hold your head up and put your hands on your hips. This will put you in a power mode. Or what I refer to as “BRING IT ON” mode. Don´t let them touch you.

Detach. Things only have the amount of power over us that we allow them to have. Let go. Is it possible to be detached while standing up for what´s important? Yes! Use your power only when it is important. Use your energy wisely. What other daily life situations in your life could be used as golden opportunities for transcending to higher states of consciousness and resourceful behaviour? We can´t escape what the Universe wants to teach us. Acceptance, Curiosity and Love will remove the vail that blocks the true purpose of a “negative” situation.

As I was about to send article newsletter I received a text from one of my brothers. He asked me a favour. I don´t like to say no, but in this case I had to because for me that was the right thing to do. I laughed, as the Universe served me this challenge to check if I practice what I preach. I had to be honest with myself and him. How he reacts and responds to it, I cannot control that. I know that. Thank you Universe for serving me the opportunity to practice Honesty and Self Love. Bring it on!

You are a powerful Soul in a human body. Your are Love. You are the Universe expressing itself as a human for a little while in eternity. Make the most out of it! Love fully, Live fully and Shine Your Beautiful Light. 

Posted by Kenneth Soares on Jan 28, 2017



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