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I found a good site today and thought I’d share a ditty with you….

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This One Need Can Block Your Growth!
I feel so compelled to share something with you: your need for safety holds you back from growing fully. As Souls we are always, on a subconscious level, seeking freedom. We yearn to be free. However, our need to feel safe and secure sets boundaries that are the opposite of freedom. Can one feel safe and free at the same time? Yes of course – but that combination is rare for most of us. Those two values crash and cause a lot of contradictions in emotions and behaviour. However if we can get to that point where these two values and emotions can work in harmony…Wow, what a life that is!

As I have mentioned before, I have done thousands of therapy/coaching sessions working with the subconscious mind. I am so thankful for all the learning I have accumulated, and for the opportunity to share the insight with you. I am never saying that what I share is 100% truth, because that we can not know, however, what I share is from real life experiences with real people.



The Queen Cronista


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