Diva Rambling-How full is Your Tank?

I once ran out of fuel, it was on a busy 4 lane highway with cars going over the speed limit. I called 911 because I couldn’t fill the gas without standing on the highway. It was a major hiccup that could’ve been avoided if I had been more careful and aware.

Much the same, our spirit, can also get too low if we aren’t paying attention. Some of us may have inaccurate readouts on our dash that give us the impression that our faith tank is more than it really is. We think that meditating once in a blue moon is enough until disaster is upon us. Then we want to question our Spirit and wonder why we don’t have enough of the needed fuel to keep rolling.

We all have a spiritual tank that need to be filled regularly in this chaotic world in which we walk. When we neglect to keep our tanks full… discouragement, fear, stress and sickness are all ready to fill up the empty space. How can we keep our tanks full?

#1) Admit when we’ve neglected to keep it full. 

#2) Take action to fill it back up again.  The Universe is a never ending well if we only remember to tap into it.

 #3) Choose to be ready at all times. Filling our spiritual tank is a deliberate everyday choice we make.   We must slow down, tap into the eternal well of the True Source, available to all humans.

Am I down because I’ve neglected to tap in, tune in, turn on and fuel my power source?  Food for thought!


The Queen Cronista


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