Diva Musing:Respect

There is an old song by The Diva…Aretha Franklin…”Respect”. There is so little respect or good manners shown in our daily world.  

This morning at the breakfasts water hole,  I had a perfect breakfast, served by my friend  and daily waitress Carolyn, with a big smile and a share of the picture of the grand baby.  I felt so blessed.  So I sent my cook a $20.00 bill and I left Carolyn a $10.00 bill on a $5.00 breakfast. I told both of them if I wasn’t on a fixed income I’d do it every single day…because I appreciate their efforts everyday. I meant it.

They were both very pleased. So a five dollar breakfast cost me thirty-five dollars but the good feeling of doing the right thing, for two people who take such good care of so many  guests each day, & truly deserved it; cannot be duplicated.   I’ll do it again when I can save up (I am a senior on a fixed income after all).  

Be the light that shines in your world and see what a glow it gives to you.  


The Queen Cronista


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