Is It Just Me?:”Chillax”

The official winter doldrums disease is S.A.D.  (Seasonal Affect Disorder).  This year seems to have launched another one.  S.A. E. D. (Stupid Assholes Exploding Disorder).  It seems so many people are invested in waking up each morning and going off at the simplest of movements in their day.  

Anything from someone having on their bright lights, to a waitress not counting the number of ice cubes in their morning glass of water!!!!!  I mean really….”Chillax”,  I’m a spaz myself.  However, I do try to make the first hour of the day joyful and fun.  It sets the ship sailing on smooth water.  

I don’t want to listen to the sad tales of destruction, chaos and man’s injustices to man at breakfast.  I like to focus and mediate on my blessings and just enjoy my water or coffee or whatever.  I like to savor the peaceful act of gently getting into my day.  

Take up the challenge and relax into your day.  Create a vibration in the collective consciousness that is solely your contribution to Peace on Earth.  If each of us accepts the challenge, the world will become a better place.  


The Queen Cronista


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