Diva Rambling: Welcome Back

Welcome back from the Holiday! I hope each of you had a luscious Thanksgiving.  The Crones spent it in quite deliberation and thanks.  

Back at the school week and plenty of “stuff” to do before Christmas.  I’m sure all of you are in panic mode preparing for whichever holiday you celebrate this time of year.  Be sure to take extra meditation time to keep things in perspective and all will be well.

Take your herbs, pray, meditate and get to thinking of creative gift giving. Things like baskets of good Amish Butter and Jelly with your favorite biscuits thrown in for good tastings.  How about giving gift cards to the poor in your area with a note from a child or grandchild wishing them a happy holiday.  Give a copy of the note to your grandchild (who, by the way, already has everything they need; and you know it!) and teach them at a young age the joy of giving to others.  Throw a recipe book, an apron, a box of some easy bake muffins or cookies into a basket.  Add a gift certificate from you, to a little one, for quality time to spend with mom, or grandma in the kitchen, and toss in a good book you’ll read together after the baking is done.   

Let’s simplify this year, and put the meaning back into the Holiday it once had, in a simpler time. 


The Queen Cronista


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