Diva Rambling-Single Redefined

One of our young people broke up with a boyfriend this week and said she hadn’t been “single” in a year and wouldn’t know how to behave.  I was concerned and told her to look at her priorities.  That in order to draw in someone worthy of her she needed to love herself first.  The Universe would handle the rest.

Some of our single men and women  are seeking life from a relationships. Finding a spouse/partner can’t bring the ultimate fulfillment that fairy tales and romantic movies promise. In fact, many couples divorce because one spouse hasn’t gripped the reality of enduring and unconditional love. How can our singleness be redefined against a culture wrapped up in sexual immorality and selfishness?

We redefine singleness to be an opportunity—not an obstacle.
As singles we have the opportunity and freedom to serve with all of our hearts. The Universe uses this vibration to awaken our hearts to the impossibilities that it wants to do in and around us.

We redefine singleness to be empowering, engaging, and equipping—not embarrassing.
As singles we are empowered by our Universal Source ourselves to be better beings.  Our duty is bigger than us as we continue to grow in our relationship with the Universal Source of all things.

We redefine singleness to be a time of self-discovery—not self-loathing.
As singles we are discovering our spiritual gifts. We are blessed to have the time and energy to go wherever our path leads us.

We redefine singleness to be a season of renewal—not regret.
As singles (especially those who are no longer married), we can renew our relationship with ourselves to experience a greater awareness of the Life Force that is present over our lives. The possibilities are limitless in our surrender to the will of the Source in all of us.

We redefine singleness to move us in a direction of peace—not pity.
As singles we are finding peace that passes all understanding greeting us first thing in the morning and the last thing at night.  When the right “One” comes we will know it. There is not better gift the Universe has to offer than a melding of twin souls.  However, 
living a life of peace is worth more than all the precious wealth of the world. Begin today to find your peace redefine your single; until the right “Mr. Right” comes along.


The Queen Cronista


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