Diva Rambling-Hate

What Hate does to you?

I thought long and hard about this topic. I have watched over the past few years. A hate and anger in people growing and growing. It is sad to see. Our world chooses chaos and hatred, instead of love and peace.

Hate consumes a person… it affects their health, their sleep, their relationships and hurts the person both physically and mentally. It does nothing to the one that is being hated.   They could often care less about the hater using up their own positive life force with negative energies. They are most often oblivious, while the one hating is wasting precious time focusing on all the things they would like to see happen to the other person. The person being hated is sleeping and peaceful. Yet the hater is looking miserable and haggard. Is that a life anyone really wants to choose?

Do those hating and carrying venomous thoughts think about how much power they have over the other person? The one hating certainly is not affecting the one being hated but does put off bad vibrations into the human collective.

Think about it! All the emotion is on the hater’s side. So, do not give power to people by letting their actions keep you upset. Look at what you are doing to yourself and no one else. That is an unacceptable way to live.  Do you know this kind of stress causes stomach disorders, migraines, bone disorders and other health issues?

And yet some people are invested in waking up each day…. holding grudges, name calling, gossiping and acting in poor taste. Hate is an energy drain of emotion. It drains the energy bank account of all offenders and leaves them with little or no positive life force to draw on. It drains them of energy and the ability to enjoy life. It sucks the very being from them.

It is a demon that one allows into their head to rob one of time, of living a happy life, and from being joyful. And if one allows it to consume them to the point that it is all they think of and they can not even talk to another person or post on a blog or Facebook without saying hateful things …then they need help dealing with this addiction. Do not lie to yourself it becomes a lifestyle…an addiction.

So, what do we do? If someone wrongs us….first and foremost forgive and let it go immediately. It does not matter what they do.  Let go so you can move on with peace of mind.

If you can do something, do it. I mean, in a way that releases you of guilt and malice. If it is one of those things where it is impossible to change….then accept that you can do nothing and let it go. Acceptance is huge here! Letting go is “huger”!

Hate does not move us in a positive direction… which is where we should be moving.  If we keep holding on to the negative (by keeping our brain full of dust bunnies) and bringing it into our present and future, then that is exactly what we will have? Days filled with malice and hatred and people wanting to avoid us…this is our only destiny.

If we become what we think about all day long (basic physics)… then where is the wisdom in focusing on the negative? Be honest with yourself. Set free your spirit and take back your life force. Do not let hatred and bitterness consume you and make you into someone you do not want to be.


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