Diva Musing- Vibration

My two favorite scientists in the world….Nicola Tesla and Albert Einstein spoke regularly that all of creation consists of energy and vibration (to put it simply).  If you become what you think about all day long (basic physics).  Then, what vibration shall we choose to put out into our Universe today, and ultimately form our own reality?

WoW! HEAVY STUFF! You choose your own reality; each and every moment of every day.  If life sucks there is no one to blame but yourself.   If life is joyful and fulfilling, pat yourself on the proverbial back. You get five stars. Actually you get a five star life.  All because you program your vibrations regularly with good input.  You have a clean hard drive and elite software programming. It’s as good as winning the lottery.  By  the way, you could do just that if your programming stays elite regularly!!! Enough Said.  


The Queen Cronista

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