Diva Musing-Quality Time

Relationships require  work to keep things flowing smoothly. Remember,  your work ethic and ambitions may be causing your friends to feel left out and alienated. We spend so much time with our faces glued to a electronic device that we don’t pay attention to how we are failing in our personal relationships….big time.   Even our pets suffer!  

One could pontificate all day long, but it still gets down to the simple fact, that in our world of hurry up and wait its up to us to pay attention,  nurture our relationships…all of them.  There is no time like quality time; ever!!!

Hug a pet, hug a puppy, for goodness sake hug yourself once in awhile. You not only contribute quality vibrations to your Universe, you create great Karma for yourself.  It is a Law of the Universe….When we give we Get back 10 fold.  Quality Time, its a good thing all around. 

What will you regret more when you die, missing those few extra hours at work or not spending extra time with friends and loved ones?


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