Diva Musing- Awareness….again!

I was on my journey back to work from the breakfast watering hole this morning and I saw two elderly women in the superstore parking lot.  I see them every morning and observe them walking the lot and picking up coins and other salvage they find as they walk.  Their ages appear to be mid sixties and the other mid seventies.  They are fit and healthy looking and doing their part to stay that way.  I admire them each time I see them and send them love and light.  

I observed the waitress this morning who gets up and gets to work at 6 a.m. to come and cheerfully serve the morning breakfast crowd.  Someone who is cheerful and makes the first hour of the day pleasant.  Earl Nightingale use to say ….”the first hour is the rudder of the day…” These cheerful, accommodating souls, have no clue how they contribute in such a positive way to the energy of so many peoples day.

Tune in, turn on and observe whats around you.  Ignore the insolent and absorb the joyful. Find out just how well each day can be….as always, its your choice.


The Queen Cronista


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