Diva Musing- Forgiveness; Bitterness

I have been reading and studying a lot of late on what I can do to be a better human being.  It’s never too late you know? One thing I’ve landed on is getting to be a more forgiving human and letting go of bitterness.  I am the one of the world’s best at walking away and letting the Karma Cops take care of the miscreants (a person who behaves badly or in a way that breaks the law).  However, where I fall on my sword is not being able to keep the  swell of bitterness from flooding back when a person insists on bringing up the past and demanding that you fix it.  

The past is the past.  It’s another country, the borders are closed at sunset each day.  The person who keeps bringing up a bad behavior of another, and refuses to see it from anything but their own “judgy Smurf” perspective, is a thief who steals from others energy bank accounts.   I can forgive, let go of bitterness, and walk away in peace….until “judgy Smurf” keeps throwing it back in my face to fix it.  This person is a scorner!  One cannot heal the soul with a scorner in the midst of it all.  

The Universe wants us to cast out the miscreants and scorners and walk in a righteous peace in heart and soul.  You will recognize these people as the busy body who who is a judgmental,proud, carnal, wrathful, angry, supercilious, contentious talebearer. They have no desire to get along with others, nor to have others get along together in joy and peace.  They thrive on an alternate Universe of strife. They never show remorse and will always keep things stirred up…..cast them out like a demon! Exorcise them from the midst of the light-workers.  

DO NOT abort the well-being of a collective group to pander to a scorner.  This is not unkind,  but loving to the others, that you take a stand and cast out the scorner from their midst. Listen to your heart and cast them out and see your life and the community around you improve.  


The Queen Cronista




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