Diva Musing-Look Around You!

This morning after prayers and meditation were done, I looked around with my aching eyes and realized everything was still as beautiful as always.  My puppies were cuddly and precious. The fall Sky was so Wedgwood blue, was exhilarating.  People sharing photos of the grandchildren at the morning watering hole, were precious.  

I looked around with eyes that wanted to see good and joy and I found it.  Why do I get weird and see it any  other way on any day?  It gets back to choices.  We have to make the choice. One way or the other the choice is always ours.  No blame game will ever change that fact.

So drink some happy juice for lunch, put on your rose colored glasses and go for it.  The choice as always, is yours! Happy Viewing….love and light….


The Queen Cronista


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