Diva Musing-Hectic

hec·tic-hektik/   adjective
  1. full of incessant or frantic activity.
    “a hectic business schedule”

    Whatever your personality may be some quiet time, self-reflection, prayer and  meditation is helpful. And while introverts struggle with the unrelenting socializing of life it is a celebration, it forcibly offers the opportunity to venture out of their self-imposed shell and work on developing and practicing what C.G. Jung referred to as their “inferior function,” namely extraversion.

    C.G. Jung defined introversion as a basic way of being-in-the-world which is opposite to extraversion. Introversion involves the inward movement of libidinal or life energy and a valuation, preference for and focus on interior over exterior reality. Sleep is the primal form of introversion, a state in which we temporarily but regularly withdraw almost totally and often involuntarily and unwillingly from the outer world and journey to the fathomless depths of the mysterious inner world. Indeed, temporary paralysis during REM sleep pretty much precludes us from physically interacting significantly with the external environmentor acting out our dreams. Many Americans, the majority of them extraverted types, tend to severely devalue sleep.

    Of course, from the extroverted perspective, sleep and dreaming seems a total and utter waste of time. Why spend eight hours each day sleeping, wonders the extravert, when you could be doing chores, seeing people, making money, traveling, accomplishing goals, etc.? Given the choice, most extraverts probably would never sleep if that were humanly possible! But from the introverted view, sleep is a welcome and requisite retreat from the outer world. Sleep is a specified time for just being rather than doing. For yin rather thanyang. While there are no scientific studies on this subject of which I’m aware, I would venture to speculate that introverted types both prefer and need more sleep than extraverted types.

    Excerpted from….Psychology Today : Stephen A Diamond Ph.D


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